• Laws are for the good, evildoers would rule and the good would be wiped out. If good won through then it is only because of new laws.
  • I think we'd all be wiped out pretty fast. those who remain may be able to live in peace.
  • Are you trying to put me out of a job????
  • We would all turn on each other and the would would be in chaos. We'd all be dead very quickly.
  • we don't live in peace *with* the laws, so i doubt we'd live in peace without them. i don't think we'd all get wiped out though. order is followed by chaos which is eventually followed by order. people would regroup; nation-states would likely form and they would make new laws.
  • There would be total chaos.
  • we would wipe each other out in under one month
  • i think there is so much hate in this world that we would be wiped out very quickly.
  • Terror keeps people in line! You want that era to come back? Remeber much of the dark ages? I don't think I can answer that question correctly, but here goes something I guess. Laws govern more than just the rights of people. The way I'm thinking about this question pertains to industrialized technologicaly advanced corporations, their restrictions, and the loyalty of thier employees. I don't think people would be wiped out so quickly because it's not the law that keeps watchfull eyes on the "other" sides's weapons, and visitors from around our perimeters! It's love for the lives of these people that drives that. Without international law the industrialized military complex (if your on a computer that's your whole freaking world!) would expand ever further into the places that hold the opportunities to consume the resources they need to proliferate their best means to exist; and anything that would stand to ask why, would fall before them, awwwh sh!t that's what we are. heh, I should just drop my keyboard, and keep my mouth shut!
  • no and no. innitialy there would be chaos where you defended you and your own. then we would form tribes/gangs with the intent of working together to better us as a group both in productivity and defence (laws have already been restored with banishment as punishment). . those tribes would form alliances with other tribes. those alliances would solidify to form provinces and drive noncompliant tribes out of the land forming a centralized teritory (at this point a penal code would develop where punishments could include fines of some sort). . provinces would form alliances with other tribes and provinces to spread forming a state (at this point more severe punishments would occur like stocks and even execution). at this point war may be restored as a way to gain land (yes technicaly they drove noncompliants out by war before this point but that was to consolidate landholdings for defensive purposes, now military expansion occurs.) . states would form alliances and solidify them into nations at which point long term incarseration may or may not replace executions. . the only form of government more fragile than aristocracy is anarchy. anarchy refuses to exist for long because many weak people will band together against the few strong people who intend to abuse them. . world peace is a nieve concept held by people who think everyone can be agreeable. how can all nations be expected to cooperate when even best friends fight. the only reason the many weak people got along was because the few strong people were a common enemy. . humans are selfish and unless it is in EVERYONES personal best interest to cooperate, there will be strife. want proof? look at the economy. there is more than enough money (resources) to go around and for the powerful to stay rich, but because of individual greed they hord as much money as possible filtering less down to their employees. the single company doing that makes that company flourish better than other companies... every company doing that makes the consumers too poor to buy their products and thus greed has destroyed the economy
  • If all laws were suddenly abolished, I don't think it would take very long for people to just make new ones.
  • a free for all. I'd start killing as many people as I could. I'd want to be voted mayor of the city.
  • wiped out
  • I think for a short time there would be chaos and anarchy. Then the most powerful in the group would step up and take control. This is usually how dictatorships and oppresive regimes like the Nazis come to power.
  • I believe that altruism exists.
  • 9-19-2017 When the Israelites came into the promised land, God commanded them to have no king and no law between cities. The bible says "every man did what was right in his own eyes." The new nation was prosperous, peaceful, stable, and unconquerable in war. There have been other nations in history with no central government: the people known to the Romans as Germanicus, the Dutch Empire, the American colonies. All were stable, prosperous, peaceful, and unconquerable, and lasted about 150 years.Then the people threw away their accomplishments and created a central government. Some time after that they were either conquered or collapsed from within.

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