• Is your surname Blaylock by any chance? :)
  • It really does matter to the rabbit whether she is a pink-skinned rabbit or a pink, skinned rabbit :)
  • some people have learning disabilities so get some things wrong. should those people leave and never get there thoughts again. i dont think so. sorry but ive had it tonight with the correcters
  • It don't?
  • I also always make an effort to use proper grammar. I think that I should be doing at least that much, instead of being lazy. Now if only others could understand us!
  • You are not the only one concerned with grammar; I can assure you.
  • Sometimes ya just have to click the smell check.
  • Oh, God bless you! *virtual hug* I've corrected at least one today, and (note the use of the Oxford comma, not illegal as some would maintain) I hate it when people use that accursed shorthand. One would almost have to be a mind reader to decipher that stuff.
  • NO! I have to restrain myself from correcting people all the time. It drives me nuts when questions with really bad grammar get tons of points. Ick!
  • I'm sure you aren't the only one. I'm not concerned, though. I do sometimes say you're when I mean to say your, though. For, you see, I'm kinda dense....
  • It's a common mistake that I see frequently. Another common mistake I see is the use of "then" and "than" being interchanged. I personally am concerned about my grammar, punctuation, and spelling. Pertaining to others, it doesn't bother me anymore.
  • No your the only one!Kidding. Some aren't concerned with that on a casual basis i'm thinking.But it does help to point it out,hey we got to do our part to make it a better place.
  • No, you are not. I, too, appreciate the use of proper grammar! As a matter of fact, your question is slightly grammatically incorrect. The proper form for this question is: "Am I the only person on here *WHO* is concerned with using proper grammar?" (Capitals used solely for emphasis.) "Who" is used for a human; "that" is used for a thing. I think that how one communicates in writing is important. It's one thing to not be a native speaker/writer or to have learning problems. It's quite another to resort to text-speak and laziness. I think people should make an attempt at communicating in a decent and grammatically correct manner. If you want your questions on Answerbag to be understood and answered as completely as possible, I think you should make an effort to be as clear, concise, cojent, and correct as possible. In my opinion, that effort includes taking the time to at least attempt to use proper spelling and grammar.
  • It used to bother me, but then I got over it. This is the internet, and it's Answerbag...not a college term paper. People ranging from all ages, from all types of backgrounds and from all kinds of up-bringing are here for various reasons. So when they come here to seek help from us, the last thing I worry about is their education and whether or not they're using proper grammar.
  • Not many people really bother with correct spelling and grammer. "It's a waste of time," my little sister says. And yeah, sometimes people make mistakes. That's fine. We're not perfect!
  • Right now the cold medicine is making me grammatically retarded.
  • I must confess that I have been guilty of the occasional grammatical faux pas whilst exchanging with my fellow AB members. The occasional too instead of to, the constant misspelling of occasional and worst of all I fear I boldly split infinitives that have never been split before. I think that good grammar and spelling is something to be encouraged but not to get too worked up about. I believe that to make the point "that statement is not grammatically correct" when, despite the poor execution of English, the meaning of said statement is still readily apparent tends to irritate people. The time to menetion grammar is when a stataemnt is renbdered ambiguous or nonsensical due to poor grammar. Spelling is similar. I am finding of late in general that grammar is fairly appallingly applied, Answerbag is not too bad all things considered! Punctuation is a particular concern. I see documents with so many commas one can barely make out the letters for the punctuation. But I am more than guilty on occasion. They are typos honestly.
  • Your the only person I know except my husband, who doesn't go there with me anymore :)
  • I'm concerned. Not enough to demand proper spelling of anyone, but concerned nonetheless.
  • I pay attention to the grammar and spelling I use because that's the only grammer and spelling I have direct power over. When it's other people, I generally ignore it unless: I can't understand what they're trying to say, or; they seem to be trying to state and argument intelligently and their errors are making their point of view seem less credible than it really ought to.
  • I try to pay attention to my spelling and grammar on here, I do, however, make occasional mistakes.
  • I like proper grammar.
  • NO you aren't the only one. But it's fine by me if someone makes an occasional mistake. I think we all make them every now and then. People come here from all over, and not just English speaking countries. So as long as they try their best and do a reasonable attempt at being understood, it's fine by me.
  • No, you're not the only one. But AB is worldwide, and many people don't speak Enlish as their first language. Therefore, allowences have to be given.

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