• I found out most of AB members I enjoyed chatting with are living like thousands of miles away from me :( *sob*
  • In my case here is what happened with the 2 I had an interest in. Person one is 23 years younger than me and has issues with the gap in age and person 2 is only 2 years younger but is married though I don't think very happily so I have given up.
  • Distance? heh. nah, seriously. if you mean like "hooking up"...I think age is a matter. alot of us have fun together and talk well, but most of us don't think about age, as it doesn't in here. in the real world, it is quite often a factor when it comes to relationships.
  • Distance is probably the biggest reason, but also shyness, nervousness about meeting people face to face, fear that when people meet you, they'll reject you, based on your looks or how you dress.
  • I think distance is a factor, but I really think that most of us have been hurt before. Having conversations that go well enough is one thing, but conversing with someone in person, and having a real relationship with them can be a bit scary, because you can't hide your faults behind the keyboard, anymore. I'm not saying it can't work, because there are a few examples of it working, and working well...but I think for some people this can be a huge factor.
  • I think distance is the biggest deal breaker, at least for me.
  • Because people don't always what they seem, especially in cyberspace. Someone could be as nice as heaven online, but also could be as nasty as hell in real life.
  • Distance I am sure has a lot to do with it. I would not be against meeting someone who I had gotten to know and spent a good deal of time talking to on AB, chat and the phone. Of course I would still proceed with caution but by the time I made it to the point of meeting I would feel comfortable enough to go ahead. Great question Zack. :)
  • I would say distance is the biggest reason.
  • Distances though I have some great friends that we e-mail back and forth
  • For me it's distance. I'd meet just about anyone I've had enough of a relationship with to consider them real friends if they lived close enough.
  • Definitely distance. Anytime, though, that someone from AB is coming through South Louisiana email me and let me know. If possible I would love to meet my friends here in person. I'm hoping that some of you may be coming to New Orleans in the spring for Jazz Fest, I think it would be a great place to meet up.
  • schooling...uni...and some other factors too...
  • This so far has worked out for GTravels and MG1942, they have been the AB success story. They were both available, compatiable and living in close proximity. If you have those three factors, it's worth at least having a brief meeting in person I suppose. I am already taken so just offering my 2 cents.
  • I am married. And for real life friendship, most people on AB are in quite remote corners of the planet.
  • Because people are different in Person than they are over the internet. Plus internet relationships never work and usually their are big age differences
  • Distance and the fear of what they look / sound like. What you want to see sometimes is not what you will or want to see.
  • Lack of cash I think!
  • To me distance and afford-ability are big issues for meeting people I know on here. There are several I wouldn't mind meeting in person, though. I think it would be really neat, if it were to happen.
  • Marriage.

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