• I don't know... I have heard other people call women the words you are refering to, but i just reserve the word bitch myself... and don't even use it that much. I only call my ex wife a bitch because i don't have to live with her anymore
  • For the same reason your asking, probably. Because it hurts more. Bitch has become almost a prideful thing for "some" women, and it just doesn't have the effect that it used to.
  • Women have a few choice derogatory words for men too, that refer to their genitals. Just to be fair. But it's an awful thing and we should do our best to all just refer to each other by the generic "asshole". Jussst kidding!
  • Those kind of guys are just doing what they were brought up on or paying too much attention to their friends. Some mature to the point of knowing that such terms are degrading and others unfortunately stay immature when it comes to such things.
  • like pussy,cunt and stuff like that? have you ever heard of the story with the fox and the grapes.
  • Yes, bitch is not as offensive as it used to be. People tend to use the word "bitchy" when describing someone's attitude, or "bitching" when people are arguing and insulting eachother. Bitch is also used a lot by gay people, and a straight man probably doesn't want to come across as camp when he is berating his wife/girlfriend/sister. Words such as cunt or twat still have some power, though. By using those words you are indirectly exposing a woman's sexuality and using it against her, which is terrible thing to do. It's upsetting that people feel the need to do that.
  • I dont use them, too many children around me most of the time so I have never developed the habit and a bad one it is, it shows a lack of vocabulary.
  • people (men or women) who use such language show their immaturity and/or their poor upbringing.
  • because its short and to the pint ...those 'one word remarks' are so decisive that you don't need to say 30 other words to get your point across...and trust me over the years I have heard almost as many females use such words and they have come from all walks of life
  • Generally I don't call my girlfriend slang words, or yell/scream at her in an argument. I've found from experience and many words of wisdom from my step father, it's better to let them do what they want, then direct them to leave your company if you are unable to do so first.
  • I've never called a girl a pussy. :) I think "pussy" is a term better suited for males.

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