• Not really but simply because I would probably have to learn another language to move abroad (unless I chose an English speaking country and I don't see any advantages moving to them over staying where I am) and I am pathetic at languages.
  • I love it here in New Zealand and I will never want to leave this country. If I ever do, I will move to UK or France just because of class associated with it.
  • i would like to say sorry for telling you to f off .in answer to your question i would live abroad maybe spain because the weather is better than here, i live in the uk
  • No. I would like to live in my Country India. Inspite of all difficulties and deficiencies I love my Country which has rich culture, my people are friendly and above all my roots are in this country only.
  • I did consider living abroad, so I did it. I moved from England to Lanzarote 8 years ago. It has nothing to do with love or otherwise of my country, just that the climate is better, the pace of life is slower and the cost of living is lower.
  • Would i live abroad yes like a bloody shot,and i would pick Cyprus as my new home.
  • I love the USA and really love NY, I would never leave.
  • I would live abroad and have lived abroad,and when I did I had a great time and learned other cultures which gave me a true perspective of other countries from personal experiences and not from media here-say.I would like to live in India for a while for I have always been interested by the culture.
  • I guess i will never leave Greece either.... I love my country too much...
  • Yes, I would consider it despite the love of my country but I doubt I could live somewhere else for any length of time due to ties near home. I would consider New Zealand and Australia due to the people, the environment and cost of living.
  • I considered it and did it twice. I love my country very much, but I am not opposed to thinking that other countries might also be nice places to live. It has broadened my perspectives culturally and I learned two additional languages. Sometimes living abroad can teach you to not blindly think your country is the best in the world and sometimes it can also teach you to value it even more than you did before. I would live abroad again and I hope my son gets a chance to have that experience.
  • Yes, I would consider it. Though I love living in the US the health care and insurance here is really a shame. It's truly awful the amount of people here that don't have access to good decent health care. I would want to live in the UK or France - they have better work ethics and health care.
  • I would love to be able to live abroad, and would do it the first chance the opportunity presented itself. I would love to live somewhere in the Mediterranean, Perhaps Italy or Greece :)
  • oh yeah, I would leave in the morning, at the end of the day, any country is very accessible through a flight nowadays and it costs very little to get anywhere. I love my country but everywhere is the same, full of nasty people etc. I dont know where my dream would be, Mauritis looks beautiful xx
  • I am living abroad atm, in Canada. I moved here for my husband. We are thinking to move somewhere in Europe soon though, for better future.

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