• Meek chooses to shut up. Weak has no choice.
  • I think a weak person just has no spine or can't stand up for themselves. Meek is someone of a gentle nature that chooses to be tame.
  • Meek: 1. enduring injury with patience and without resentment 2. neither violent nor strong - moderate A weak person does not get qualified for the above traits. He may endure injury but shows resentment or does not show patience. "quiet, gentle and not willing to argue or state the opinions in a forceful way" quiet and unwilling to disagree or fight or to strongly support personal ideas and opinions*1+0&dict=A The weak is never so moderate and calm. The meek is a lover of peace.
  • That I suppose would be a matter of perspective.
  • It takes strength of character to be meek.
  • The meek goes with the flow while the week ends up at the bottom no matter how they may fight to counter the flow.
  • meek people may be shy, but shy people may not be weak. weak are spineless or don't stand up for themselves meek people may be assaulted but will find nonviolent ways to make their points
  • A weak person lacks strength. Weak people will use any and every excuse to blame anyone/anything for all circumstances and trials they must face. The only action they choose to take is one of self-pity. It's so much easier to blubber, cry and blame than it is to make necessary changes. The weak do not take action, they merely blame others. A meek person shows great strength. Blessed Mother Teresa was meek but changed hearts all around the globe. She led an extraordinary life of love and charity. Her great strength led her fight against poverty. The meek act out of love.
  • A consonant, and a vowel.
  • Meek is how you take flattery, but weak means that you lack a backbone, and meek people aren't always invertebrates.
  • Meekness is power and strength under control. It takes strength to be self-controlled. There is no weakness in meekness.
  • Meek-lack of pride.Weak-lack of spine.

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