• Awful! Dear Mary, Is your daddy's support of the amendment to ban gay marriage okay with you? We haven't heard much from you since the 2000 Bush campaign, when your daddy trotted you around to show how inclusive the GOP was.
  • I believe that "hypocrite" does not come close to describing people like Mary Cheney, a new word is needed.
  • I agree with Kedar. I know this is her father. but, how can she in good conscience show support for him politically? The Bush-Cheney administration is the most openly anti-gay administrations in history. If anything, she should have nothing to do with him politically what-so-ever. Has she sold her soul to the devil? been threatened? makes you wonder, doesn't it?
  • She's a politician, just like her father. It has nothing to do with ideals or doing what's right, It's all about obtaining and keeping power. Power is a highly addictive drug.
  • I'm sure she developed some sort of warped rationality for it. Look, my christian, conservative, republican father is willing to sell out to get into office. Wake up. Vote for someone else! Maybe she thought it was a way of reaching out. Maybe she's just ignorant and thinks gay means man-man only. Maybe she and Ann Coulter have a close personal relationship.
  • I think it crosses the line of decency, Dear Mary , this is one of those moments of truth, Mary. . . . and so far, you've been working for the enemy, darling.

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