• Seems strange, unless ya too young, too old, not experienced, too ugly or whatever! Ask the question again, with more detail please!
  • You have to keep checking back. Not just apply but keep checking back with them & let them know you are interested & you would be willing to do anything to get your foot in the door. You can't just expect your application to do all the talking for you.
  • If this is a first job you are looking for, I'd say find a company that does what you want to do and start whereever they will start you. Work your way up and get known in the industry you wish to be a part of. A fancy job comes with time and contacts.
  • my "secret" is persistence ;) not much of a secret, i know, but it's always worked for me. i keep track of everywhere i've applied and call them at least once per week (preferably twice) and ask if they've reviewed my application, if the position has been filled, et cetera. try to always speak to the same person if possible and call in the mornings. good luck ;)
  • You need to spend the 8 hours a day you would usually spend working looking for work. Apply everywhere every store every business every place. Keep checking back, keep calling back. It's a numbers game the more applications you put in the more times you call back the more likely you are to be hired. Also try the employment office

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