• Dear.., you either have a heart or oval, not both. Q. Do you have a wide forehead and a narrow chin that is slightly pointed? then Your hairstyle should diminish your forehead width and create more width to your small jaw line. Wear your hair at around shoulder length and go for fullness from the chin down. Soft layers work well to achieve this. Parting your hair on the side and combing it across on a slant also works well to draw attention away from the chin. tip: *Pulling all of your hair back *Height at the crown of your hair, this will only bring attention to your diminishing jaw line. Q. Is your face Oval? Oval faces are characterized by an even balance between the jaw line and brow. Considered the ideal facial shape, you can wear a variety of styles. *Avoid Wearing too much hair on your face. Q.Is your face long? Long faces or Oblong is characterized by being thin with little difference in width between the top, middle or bottom and a pointed chin. Your hairstyle should add width and fullness to the sides of the face and around the eyes, cheekbones and ears. For longer styles, wear your hair full and above the shoulders to avoid dragging your face down. For shorter styles, classic wedge and other full-fringed shapes that give width and volume are best. tip *Styles with a lot of height at the crown of your head *Wisps (they will make your face appear longer) *Center parts (they will make your face appear longer) Your hairstylist should be-able to tell what face shape you have and give you a style according to your shape. remember everyone's hair is unique and behaves diffrently. don't use any styling products that contain alchohol, this will damaghe hair over time and it is very drying. look for organic hair products that nurish and condition hair leaving it full of shin and bounce. try doing a web search for celebrity hair and search for angled bob and inverted bob or layered bob. I think you should check out Victoria Beckhams' hair style it is a pob, before she had a very nice angled bob, or search for a pageboyfor medium length hair. you don't want to go pixie short, in my experience it was very unbecoming on an oval face. pixie cut.., i'll leave for toddlers and tweens. Oh before i forget, a few things to add. your stylist should know everthing about your hair. ie:is your hair thin, medium or thick?, is your hair fine medium or course, is your hair poker straight, wavy, or curly, is it flyaway or unruly. is it damaged, fried, split-ends, or healthy as healthy can be. look through diffrent web searches and if you see any style you like and the many variations of that style. right click on one and paste it to word pad, repeat for each picture, always space before next picture pate. when you are done go to file and print. if you want you can save to folder with a name you can remember .., like: My Styles or Cute Hair Styles, for future use if you want to keep the styles handy for a diffrent variation next cut. please, please take 4 or 6 pictures with you to show your stylist and you both can pick which ones good for you and you both agree on this is your visual aid besides verbal explaining. if you want you can take up to 10 pictures with you. My hair is shoulder length and i have an oval face shape, I had printed out the angled bob, but in diffrent variarions to show my stylist and ask to tweek it to suite me. my fav is Victoria Beckham befotre she got the Pob and dyed her hair blonde, any celebrity that has my face shape sporting an angled bob i print out, in variations. I don't need the height since it will make my face too long and garrish. I also took in consideration of my hair the density, texture, and is it fine or course or inbetween, is it unmanagable/unruly or is it silky. Good luck with your search and i hope i helped you out. I hope you are happy with your style. :)

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