• I don't think I would. I am pretty much the same in person as I am online. I treat people the way I feel they should be treated regardless of whether or not I will be meeting them in person. I think it's just too hard to have one personality for online and one for real life.
  • No, I pretty much act the same as in real life. If you have a problem with that, maybe we shouldn't meet at all :).
  • I just express my opinion on here like I would anywhere else even face to face...I don't like those people who insult people just because they know they won't ever see them in real life...Those people definitely need a punching bag to release some aggression
  • No I do not believe so. I am pretty reserved at any time until I get to know people.I do not like to feel I am being pushy or presumptious I do tend to stick to my guns but I believe I try to be pleasant to people on line the same way I do in life. Unless they do something that I find offensive.
  • No, I'd be about the same..I rarely attack people viciously...
  • No, I try to treat people at all times with great respect and kindness, whether I will see them face to face or if I will never see them. I feel like to traet them differently would be dishonest and manipulative towards them, almost like I'm thinking of them as a fool who won't know any better. I couldn't do that.
  • Nope, I act the same in person as online. Sometimes it's not perceived as intended (being as it's only text) but for the most part, what you read is what you get
  • No, I try very hard to conduct myself in an appropriate manner when online. I feel that people all too often forget that there is really an actual person at the other end of the keyboard and that their words can help or harm. I would truly hate to cause anyone embarrassment or pain by way of flighty attitude or poorly thought out comment. I try to be honest in my words and offer constructive criticism when necessary, as well as give praise when due. I may not always share your opinion, but if I disagree, I will always try my best to do so in a logical and professional manner. If I lose my temper, I am usually quick to apologize, just like I do in real life.
  • No ...if they pi** me off here I wouldn't want to meet them next week . Good to see your face!!
  • No, I am what I am.
  • No, I am real online and in reality.
  • No, beacause I try to be friendly and polite always whether on-line or in person.
  • No, I would just be me. I don't believe in putting false behavior online or in person.
  • I would be nice to everyone except for one person who is the Anti-Riff-Raff. I wish she would just forget that I exist.
  • No, I would not temper my online behavior. As I've told sweetcakes, nothing that I say or do here on AB is personal, as I don't know the people here in real life. "What I see, what I hear, what I feel, when I leave, I leave it here."
  • I doubt it... I'm too quick to open my mouth usually. I don't think I changed my behaviour at all before the AB gathering last month. Admittedly being a CL has encouraged me to temper my behaviour a bit, which is one aspect about it I dislike, and one of the reasons I think why SB resigned. It is a bit like having your hands tied sometimes, which in my case, I think is beneficial overall. It's good practise at learning to restrain my tongue :)
  • No I would just be me as I always am.
  • Excellent question. No.
  • No, I am what I am..if folks don't like that then why would they want to meet me anyway..LOL :)
  • No, I'm pretty much the same here as I am if you met me. I am who I me or not!
  • No, but I'd probably hide the leather mask, the riding crop, the clamps and the marachino cherries. You should always tidy up before company comes over. Sorry. My actual answer is that, although I lose my temper on occasion, I try to be a gentleman at all times. Both here, and on the sidewalk. We typically treat strangers with some degree of respect, and kindess. We should treat our family and friends at least as well.
  • No i think my behavior isn't bad, this is the way i am all the time i think theres no need to fake something you are not just so people will like you, i'm just myself and if someone gets offended by it i would apologize but i think i'm not a rude person.
  • I'm for real online just like I would be for real to you all in person.
  • I wouldn't do anything differently other than try to better understand the individuals so that the f2f would be more meaningful. I usually give straight answers and avoid direct insults or conflict, although some may disagree. People who appreciate brutal honesty and self-effacing humor will get along pretty well with me, once they understand that I'm in it for the humor.
  • I'm the same here and in person.
  • I hope I would be the same.

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