• You can't just go get one, it's a connection of the same likes and dislikes. It's making someone laugh, it's kindness. Just watch and you'll find someone with the attitude as yours. Good luck!!!!
  • You do! You have 20 of them! The best WAY is probably through comment threads...Make someone laugh, make them angry (in a sarcastic way...). Just have fun and be yourself. : [)
  • smiley,points to you. i see you like old romance movies...have you ever seen "Casablanca"? It is my Favorite.....just hang around AB w/ this gang of crazies and you will be up to your armpits in friends before long....
  • I am sure that you will have your very own special best friends in no time at all, if you continue to interact with the people you find interesting or fun to hang out with on ab. Over time these positive interactions can develop into close and personal friendships.
  • you get load`s your only young just wait & see
  • Just be yourself and you will get plenty of them, I just sent a request for you. ;)
  • Just by talking to them and getting to know them.. keep on the comment threads and you will eventually find you have certain things in common with certain people... the same taste in music, same ages of kids or whatever.. just basically... chat!!! oh and enjoy xx
  • You get best friends from all wakes of life! Just keep an open mind and an open heart, and plenty of friends will walk in!
  • 1) convince one of your best friends to be an Answerbagger 2) make some "AB friends" for a start. Some of them could eventually evolve to best friends. Interaction can take place with answers and comments. 3) Of course, those will be online friends. But you could deepen the friendship later, with email, telephone, mail or direct contact, if both of you want this. (contact will be easier if you don't live too far away)
  • I could always use more friends...

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