• Not really. Some do but I don't. After all ; proof is it never got the majority of voters! They tried twice, once in the 80's, the other in the 90's... got close at one point but it really does not anymore. So 30-40ish% of the ppl of Qc really want to, yes. Not the rest :)
  • It's extremely hard to say. There isn't an overriding majority anymore, but just a decade ago (1995) the result of the referendum was so mindblowingly was off by less than 1%, I believe. Today, in the larger cities of Quebec such as Montreal and Quebec City the sentiment isn't so strong, but if you head into Northern Quebec for example, there are no Canadian flags anywhere, literally. There are only the Quebecois fleur de lis flags.
  • most don't
  • Some do, but most don't. It's calmed down since the 1990s. I hope they stick around -- I like Quebec.
  • I think it`s like a spoiled kid throwing their toys out the pram. Québec threatens to separate every so often to see how much it can get, like a spoiled child. I think most Québeckers are happy the way things are.
  • Not really. They're just having everyone else on. Actually, I'm sure if they did secede, it wouldn't be any different, except they would send their taxes somewhere else and we'd have a quieter parliament. I really don't think they'd stop movement of people and good across their border, nor would it be helpful to them if they did so.
  • Only if you're from Ontario and you talk to them in a Quebec bar while drunk
  • Some of them do, but they've tried for so many years, and it's getting harder for them to convince the people of Quebec that it would be a good idea.
  • No. This is a tricky question to resolve since Québec IS Canada. What Québecers (the francos mostly) want is for the rest of our beautiful Canadian family to realise how difficult it is to be a little diamond in a sea of Anglophone overwhelmance. Preserving our language and culture is primordial and essential, but unfortunately, fanaticism and disdain for the ''rest of Canada'' has overseen logic. Sovereignists need to realize that the anglos WON the war on the Plains fair and square, yet were nice enough to let us have our freedoms. The ''rest'' should realize that the super-cool, chic, frenchies are a wonderful asset to the world's greatest country, and embrace them!! Every Newfoundlander OWNS the Eastern Townships. Every Montréaler OWNS downtown Calgary. CN Tower is pretty...guess what?? I OWN IT...along with 30 million other Canadians. Food for thought.
  • In general, people create a central government to take over all their responsibilities, and they don't ever want them back for any reason.

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