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  • For a start don't make her, this is something she should be comfortable with. Suggest it to her, if she is not into it, then that should be fine.
  • You cannot make anyone agree or disagree with you. All you can do is respect that person's point of view. I suggest that you learn to accept and respect your girlfriend's sexual boundaries. It is one thing to make a thoughtful request that she try something new, and respect her decision. It is another to try to "make her agree".
  • 1, you can't MAKE her do anything. She needs to feel comfortable with the idea. Talk to her about it, but do NOT force her to do anything.
  • Don't. It's a dumb idea. Learn to be happy with what you've got. If your dick fell off, and your hands and your tongue, maybe then you'd need to worry about a vibrator but till then you should just use what you have. Just be happy you even have a girl. Wake up!
  • I think thats a great idea. It's a great way to keep the sex interesting. Just ask her. If she doesn't like the idea, then don't do it. Tell her you can try it and if she still doesnt like it then leave it be. My opinion, I would love it if my partner would bring toys like that to the bedroom. Good luck, have fun!
  • You don't have the right to "make her" agree to or do anything. She can make her own decisions as to what she wants done with her own body. If for some reason you are unable to accept her decision then you need to be looking at separating, so you can both have the chance to find true love and happiness elsewhere.
  • Tell her she can use it on you too!
  • why wouldn't she want to?
  • You can't make her agree - some women like using vibrators, some dislike the sensation intensely - we're all built differently and all like different things. In my experience using a vibrator during sex with a partner CAN be really good, but it can also be thouroughly horrendous if the guy starts shoving it around where he thinks it *should* feel good and then gets annoyed when she doesn't have amazing orgasms as a result. I think your best hope is to buy her a good one (find a sex shop or website aimed at women rather than one aimed at men - and ask for a recommendation from a female assistant if possible - rampant rabbits are popular, ones with glass beads in are supposed to be pretty good, if in doubt go small to start with - you can size up later if she likes it) don't get a huge cheap and nasty one from a dodgy place with blacked out windows. Then leave her to experiment by herself for a while. Then ask her just to show you how she's been using it and what she likes - just watch her masturbate with it and see what she's doing (9 times out of ten she'll be using it mostly on her clitoris rather than ramming it violently in and out like a drunk rock groupie) - then you can take hold of the toy yourself and mirror what she was doing. I think a good place to start is always with making your partner part of the process and encouraging them to take pleasure in it, rather than making it seem as if whatever it is is a favour that they're doing to please you. Remember sex is something you should both enjoy - it's not just about what she does to please you - perhaps you need to find out a bit more about what SHE would like to do in bed as well.
  • Use it on yourself first? Come can't MAKE her agree to use it. Perhaps you should put that thing away and practice communicating with your girl.
  • Why do u wanna do it? Dont u like FUN??? =)
  • I take it that as you're asking this question you've already asked your girl friend and she was less than keen. One possibility is that she's already tried vibrators her self and did not find them helpful or pleasurable. If that's so then you may not be able to persuade her. If on the other hand she's never tried vibrators before I can think of only 2 reasons. The 1st is that maybe she's very inexperienced with vaginal penetration, maybe even a virgin. If that's the case all you can do is assure her that you'd be very gentle and if that doesn't work just accept it. The last possibility I see is that she has some personal emotion reason for refusing you. Maybe she's been raised to think of sex toys as dirty things. Maybe she's afraid the sensations would be too intense. Maybe she would feel a bit powerless being remote controlled by buttons at your finger tips. There are too many possibilities to speculate so the best thing you could do is just ask her why it is she is so against the idea.
  • I would say ask again and again. If she see's that it's something you really want to try she may want to try for you. If that does not work offer to do something that she wants but you have never done. If that doesn't work then when it's real good sex with her eyes in the back of her head just sneek it up on her. I know that when guys do that to me I love it. If it is something I do not like I am a lil upset but sometimes its something I thought I would hate then end up loving. One more suggestion get some porn to watch with her that has that kind of thing going on. If she see's another female enjoying it she might want to try it.
  • Try it on your-self. Show her it's no big deal!
  • Let her try it out by herself first...If she still doesn't want to do it, then oh well.
  • Leave it with her, let her see by herself. She probably doesn't want to look like she's stupid, if she tries it, then she'll feel more relaxed when with you.
  • It's never a good idea to try to force someone to do something they don't want too. Especially sexually. If she's said "no" you'd better learn to respect her and to leave it alone. Push it too far and you enter a realm I'm sure you don't want to visit. It's called mental, emmotional, and sexual abuse. Keep begging and whinning like a baby and she might give in, but it won't be with a willing heart. She will not enjoy it and will end up hating you for making her do something she doesn't want to just to shut you up. If you try to force this on her pyshically you will be guilty of gross sexual impostion or worse rape. Say "Hi" to Bubba for me. If you can't respect her and leave it alone then you need to do right by her and leave. The doors that way in case you've forgotten. Oh, and one more thing, all that advice about buying her one and giving it to her like a gift is not the way to go. It's not a gift if you know she doesn't have any interest in them and it's just to make you happy. She's going to see right through that. Be prepared for a flying vibrator to be aimed at your head. All that stuff about letting her use it on you too is also not a good idea. If it was me I'd make sure my feelings about your actions are known in a very intimate way. Then I'd pack my stuff and leave. Have fun explaining that one to the nurses in the ER.
  • Use it on yourself first, try sitting on it for a while.
  • It's not a matter of "making her agree." If she doesn't want it she doesn't want it. Simple as that. If you love your girlfriend then find a way to please her that you both are comfortable with. Why would you even want to use some stupid tool anyway? Were you not born with a dick?
  • I would just have one ready and lubed up on the headboard, and while you are banging away doggy style, just jam it up her ass and turn it on.
  • I would just have one ready and lubed up on the headboard, and while you are banging away doggy style, just jam it up her ass and turn it on.
  • there is nothing you can do to make her agree but you can ask her to use a toy on you and see what happen after that.
  • Shove it up her ass while she's sleeping!
  • I don't know why she wouldn't agree....
  • I would just like to know how many people who answered this question have ever used a vibrator, all the guy wants to know is how he should approach his girlfriend with the subject?
  • when you are fucking her just whip it out put it on a good speed and stick it in her if she not a freak like that when she sleeping rub it on her pussy and she will get wet then you go for there dont forget to put it on a slow speed to begin with then kick it up higher to get her to never want to stop but be carefull she can get you in to trouble and she could just start useing a vibrator and forget about you
  • Wow there are a lot of harsh reactions to that question up here. The answer is simple: I'm sure you didn't mean MAKE her agree, in the - tie her to a bomb until she agrees - kind of way. You just mean how can you persuade her right? Just do it gently, explain your reasons casualy (you want to please her and bring her to orgasm in a different fun way and that you're interested in you BOTH having fun with it) Make it sound less like it's something you've gotta do and more something you think she'd like. If she's really off the idea, find out why (casually and calmly), then address those concerns, but what ever you do don't make it seem like a BIG deal or it will scare her off if she has hesitations. You are right, it should be something that is fun and no it doesn't hurt, but her reason is psychological. Find out that reason and bring her into close proximity to a vibrator so she can see it's not threatening or wierd or anything else. Hope you have fun!
  • Let her try it out, by herself, with out you being there. She'll love it. She must never have used one before.
  • What's with all the angry vibrator responses? Obviously from people who are a bit sexually uptight. Anyway, I agree with most of the answers. It's selfish and stupid for you to force your girlfriend to do something she doesn't want to do. If it's that important to be with a woman who loves to use vibrators then find yourself a new girlfriend who is more compatible with your sexual tastes.
  • chop your cock off, and replace it with the vibration toy.
  • She might be afraid that once she lets a finger or vibrator in, it muight be your penis next. And though she might want it, she might not be ready to lose her virginity.
  • you can't make a person agree: (A) she may not be ready 4 that kind of relationship (b) she may want to do it herself (c) she may want the real deal (d) their is no law saying that she has 2 agree with you (E)if i were her i would ask u when i'm ready, and each time u ask, i would fuc* u in the sexy a$$
  • Just thought you'd like to know that over-using a vibrator can desensitise women and make them less likely to reach orgasm during penetrative sex. So she could end up preferring the vibrator to you.
  • Well if you would like her to use it, perhaps tell her all the good points on it. If she says no, she says no. You can't force a girl to do something she doesn't want to do... And tbh some vibrators can hurt a girl if not used correctly.
  • Have in your ass, pull it out, clean it off, and then shove it up her ass while fucking her pussy.
  • should not need to make her agree,,,just ask her,,,never herd of anyone saying no,,!!!
  • Ask her to try it once and if she doesn't like it she doesn't ever have to try it again (She'll like it) Let her try it first sometime when you aren't around till she gets comfortable with it
  • I'm shocked at these answers saying you should rape this woman with the vibrator! No means NO! I hope this woman found a man more sensitive to her wishes than you are!
  • you probably cant, i would leave her alone about it if she dont want to do it
  • You ASK her.

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