• Honestly, I want beautiful on the outside and I don't pretty much care about the personality, because it changes over time, evil can become good.
  • How about I am so great that I find it hard to live with myself either way.
  • For a sex buddy or for a friend and companion? For a sex buddy, I want a guy who is hot and stupid! He should be covered with muscles, and think everything I say is brilliant. :) For a best friend with no sex involved, I'll take the ugly and fascinating guy. We could talk all night, and keep our clothing on. I don't think I could be with someone who is hot and wonderful- he would be so far out of my league that I'd be afraid he would leave me at any minute! For a life partner, I'd prefer someone more in the middle. A nice ordinary guy.
  • We all have our faults and flaws, so a happy medium somewhere in between, 'well balanced' x
  • Alaways beautiful inside.
  • That is not how I look at things at all. If someone is beautiful on the inside, he/she is NOT ugly to me. However, if he/she is ugly on the inside, his/her outer experience turns ugly. It's like the outside is a cover hiding a very dangerous poison on the inside. How is that beautiful? It's not. It's disgusting.
  • There is a problem with the word ugly. I don't use that word referring to any persons appearance. I do use that word referring to attitude or traits. My wiring is attracted to physical beauty. Who do i want to hang out with? Someone with a big heart and deep caring for humanity. If that is beautiful inside, that would win my lasting affections. Doesn't mean that i would be sexually attracted to them. Sometimes there's both and that gets my lasting attention.
  • Exterior doesn't matter - it's mostly makeup anyway. But a lovely person will be good through thick or thin and never let you down.
  • I have learned that the most beautiful people turn out to be very ugly; girls = female dogs, Guys = Hole#2s Personality is more important to me.

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