• the guy that did the voice is now on Reno 911
  • South of the border...
  • LOL i was wondering the same thing! +4!
  • They ran out of meat for the burritos.
  • If he ate Taco Bell food, he's probably still in the bathroom.
  • He was adopted by Paris hilton and commited suicide.
  • Taco meat..LOL :)
  • If you ate at Taco Bell any time in the mid-late 90's, then some questions are better left unasked.
  • it moved to Chihauhaua, Mexico
  • Taco Bell was losing sales with the ad campaign that included the dog. Thus, they changed strategy. He was alive and well when this took place, too.
  • This is too easy but here goes anyway... Gee, the hot dog was discotinued from the taco, and now we must weep.
  • The voice was done by Carlos Alazraqui. He's plays Deputy Garcia on Reno 911. I saw him doing stand up at a local comedy club and he was hilarious. He also eluded to the fact that the dog was making more money than him.
  • He ate too much hot sauce & croaked!
  • The people that owned the dog wanted more money so they dropped the commercials. The dog had a fit when he couldn't have his own limo anymore, and was upset because his owners kept all the money. He ran off to Mexico with some mixed breed bitch.
  • Check your Chalupa ;)
  • Awe! I loved that dog :o)
  • The smart talking, sassy Gidget of Taco Bell fame who had people running for the border, leading nations and fighting Godzilla mysteriously disappeared. Where did our beloved hero who loved tacos so much go? She has certainly become part of our nations fascination with urban legends, but are they true? A few of the legends claim that Gidget met her demise by having a piece of equipment fall on her during a filming of a commercial, while another legend states that she ran in front of a moving camera and once again bit the dust. The worst of them all was the legend that Taco Bell had no more use for her acting and had her put down. I'm happy to say that these tales are all nothing more than urban legends. Gidget's was intended to be a one-time commercial, airing only in the Northeastern states, however she shot to superstardom in a whole advertising campaign, complete with stuffed animals made in her likeness, t-shirts, cups and all sorts of Taco Bell memorabilia. Adam Sandler even wrote a song about the Taco Bell Dog. The real story behind her abrupt departure from the popular television commercials is that Taco Bell executives decided that, although she was a popular fast food icon, Gidget just hadn’t sent enough people running for the border. They ended the campaign and Gidget became an unemployed canine. Although she will always be known for her Taco Bell fame, Gidget did enjoy a brief career on the silver screen. After her television stint, Gidget landed the part of Bruiser's mother with Reese Witherspoon in Legally Blonde II, where she was saved from an animal testing laboratory. Gidget's fans have a web site with photos and sound clips for everyone to enjoy. As a side bar, after Gidget's last commercial shoot, which took only four days, crew members threw a party with cake made of carrots and carob and decorated with dog biscuits. Then, Gidget and her owner flew back home to Texas where she now leads a normal doggie life of fun and frolicking in the backyard and taking well deserved naps.
  • He made a run for the border but didn't make it so he became a chalupa;)
  • I think the dog just ate to many burritos and exploded all the beans out.
  • I hate to be the one to break this news to you, but ... they ran out of hamburger and the dog was there and ... well ...!!!
  • Hmm! Must have grabbed a Taco, and went back to Mexico!

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