• Yup. My oldest sister exudes the anger problem that my mother had and as a result has a temper issue when it comes to her kids. Me and my OTHER sister had an argument about this and my OTHER sister blamed it on the kids bad view was the kids misbehaved because of my OLDEST sister's bad parenting style and anger problem. No one agreed with me though lol.
  • Only the middle one - the other two aren't paying any attention. (just kidding) Yes, children learn from what they see, so if they are parents then their children will pick up on the poor behavior.
  • Children learn their behavior mostly from thier parents I think, So if you are angry and resentful they will see this as "normal" and so would learn that behavior yes.
  • G'day Crazy B, Thank for your question. Parents are their kids biggest role models. If parents are angry and resentful, they will pass it on to their kids. If they take their anger and resentment out on the kids, it will be even worse. The apple seldom falls far from the tree although sometimes kids can learn from their parents mistakes. Regards
  • A child only knows what they see or hear. The opinions of the the people who raise them are all they know. The behavior is not taught but simply duplicated.
  • Yes by example.

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