• Not counting my childhood, I've been in three major fights. The first was because a guy in line at a bar smacked his girlfriend, so I stepped in. (His girlfriend broke my nose, for not minding my business, with a surprise palm to the nose.) The second, I was jumped in a bar by a guy that thought I was a skinhead...(I'm really not. The irony...he beat of me because of how I looked...when he thought I was the one who did that to others.) His friends pulled him off me. No broken bones, but I was sore as hell the next day. The third was a bar fight. Someone was picking on a friend of mine...He's a small guy, and doesn't fight. When I tried to get them to stop, the other guy hit me, thus starting a fight between myself and him and his two friends. Once my friend flagged down some of the other people I was with, the tide turned and the guys just took off. I left that fight with several broken blood vessels in my eye.
  • iv had 2 major fights in my life. Nah accutualy 5. The first one was when this kid slap me for no reason. This is the one i lost. Then another one was with this white kid. He punch me in my face so i punched him in his face rapidly. He just started talking trash. Then the third was with my friend, really iv been in over about 8 fights with him. I always won but one time he suckerd me in the face. The fouth one was with this kid taji who can't run or fight for shit. He is a fat kid who punches acctualy save my life because of how fat his hands are. The 5th one was when the kid i mentioned earlier my friend had got in a fight with two kids. I uppercutted one in the face. The other one my friend beat up. It was fun. Now i realize first time you fight it is scary but the others it gets funner and funner. So i would love to fuck more people up. Yay i love fighting.
  • I have no idea. The last fight I was in was 32 years ago. I would guess it has to be more than ten.
  • They are all serious, Every one of them was to a knock out. Right now counting last night I have now been in 600 fights. 50 wins--550 losses. I have lost my last 300 fights, I am 115 pounds and 20 years old, the biggest kid I ever won against is 100 pounds, The biggest kid I ever fought was 105 pounds,,The oldest I ever won one against is 14. The smallest kid in the past 100 fights in the past 2 years was a 10 year old 5' 3" tall 80 pound kid.
  • Not counting fights with my brother when we were kids....Zero. I have never given anyone a reason to fight me, and no one has ever given me a reason to fight them.
  • I have been in 1 big fight and 3 fights that was to see who was tougher, I won the big fight and lost 2 of the 3 other fights, The one I won which was the 1st time I won a fight was I just got so tired of being picked on for all my life I just took out my aggravation on this kid who pushed me over the edge, It took 3 friends to pull me off of him. He did apologize to me and we have become friends (But not close) If he wanted to fight me a couple of days later he would have won easily.
  • Not many in my later years, as I'm wiser. But in my youth I was a lieutenant in the old gang. Many a fight then and even killed a person in self defence. The other person I killed was in a car accident - he ran right out in front of me.
  • Quite a few. Occupational hazard. And you win some and you loose some. Some were wrestling matches and a few were downright nasty.

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