• I can order beer in spanish and french :-) I did try to learn Hungarian while I was over there, but I was useless. People just looked at me and for some reason thought I was German, but at least I tried :-)
  • Hell yes! I am not one to hold back. One of the fun things about travel is that you will never see those people again! Time to cut loose!
  • I speak a bit of French and Spanish and can get around.I also used to speak some Greek when living there.
  • Sure. I'll talk to a plant if it wants to have a conversation! Part of the joy of travel is being bold and courageous. Talking to people greatly enriches the experience!
  • Yes when I was in Ireland I talked to strangers all the time. I will talk to anyone anywhere anyhow!
  • I've only been to two countries besides the USA. I had no problem speaking with the locals.
  • I am not sure about courageous---but I always make a point to engage in conversations with locals if nothing more than to ask their opinion of something I am looking for info on.
  • I can talk to strangers from any country in the world. Problem is they dont understand me!
  • Since I would be hard pressed to find anyone "stranger" than myself, I can talk to anybody.
  • Never hesitate to try to speak to people in their native language. They will be much more helpful and friendly just because you tried.
  • I'm pretty much the same everywhere, although that's pretty much limited to US, Canada, Ireland, Wales, and England. And Texas, where Spanish is an absolute necessity. Canada was a lot like Louisiana with the French, which I do not speak, but when I sat next to a family in Milton, west of Toronto, we didn't let that stop us and we yammered at each other for the better part of an afternoon. In Wales, when the train stopped on the way to the Ferry to Ireland, I was mistaken for a Welsh member of the train crew, and that is still a source of pride. As bad as is my Irish, my Welsh is worse, but we managed to get me back on track to Ireland without writing me up with the crew chief. In Ireland, I was frequently taken for a local, or a relative of a local, and treated either very well or otherwise, accordingly. When the Sligo-born aunts came visiting from San Francisco, they were "the Yanks" and I was "Bob, the gob(shite)". How great is that? I love foreigners.
  • Having moved to 7 different countries in my 32 years of life, there is no way I can't talk to strangers. Have had do it all my life. Besides that I love learning new languages and meeting new people especially learning about new cultures.

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