• I would think it would be perfectly fine, especially since one of them is eighteen and thus an adult.
  • Not a good idea. 18 & 16 year old TEEN AGERS are still young enough to be distracted by friends, hobbies, parties, girls/boys, etc. When that happens the needs of the 5 year old will likely take a back seat. Remember also that while you're gone your teen agers WILL play and have fun - just like the mice when the cat's away...
  • While it is legal for the 18 year old, it may not be a good idea. But of course, you know your children better than we do. Legally, yes, it's fine. The rest is up to you. :-)
  • I think it would be fine. I was babysitting younger than that at night. legally it should be fine especially since one of them is 18.As far as what another said about them getting distracted and not taking care of your five year old right, I would say that you know them the best and would know if you can trust them to be responsible with the younger one. You said you trust them so i would say it should be fine. If your still worried ask a neighbor before you leave if she/he will check in on them while you are gone.
  • If these are brother and sisters, age 18 is an adult and considered way above the age limit to babysit. I see no problems, providing your sons have not been arrested for any sexual-type assault.

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