• I'm more of a person that follows a personal set of ethics. If I bend the law for, what I beleive, to be a good cause, I will bend it as long as no one is harmed, unless they are harming someone else.
  • Fairly flexible. Rules tend to be guidelines for me, not stone tablets.
  • Some rules can be broken. I think applying good judgment and commonsense could most times override rules.
  • I'm flexible. We have to realize that sometimes the rules aren't right, or that the rules are ridiculous. Besides, if you always follow the rules, what fun is life? How do you learn when you make mistakes? How does progress happen?
  • I am flexable when it comes to rules. By the book doesn't alway work!
  • Rules are designed to facilitate productive behavior and orderly conduct of daily activities. Not everyone is endowed with a sense of good judgement, therefore rules were invented to protect others from that. To leave it up to each person, and each situation to "decide" when or if to follow rules is not usually a good plan. Blindly following bad rules is probably not the best action, but to treat rules as if they were merely suggestions is anarchy.
  • I am flexible. Rules are great and can make the wheels turn smoothly but rigid adherence can cause pain. Take that pet adoption agency recently in the news. They think that adhering to their policy of not giving your adopted dog away and not letting families with small children have small dogs is more important than two children and a dog's happiness. Flexibility is necessary to stay human. We have brains and a free will to make decisions beyond policies or rules.
  • I have always been by the book as far as work orders are concerned. As far as enforcing traffic laws, i play it by ear. every stop is different and has different sets of circumstances. Example: a woman about to deliver a baby is stopped for speeding to the hospital. would you let this person go or would you be a "by the book" person and issue her a citation? common sense prevails here and should.
  • I'm more flexible on the issue. Rules are always meant to be followed. If we always followed rules then life would not be that exciting. So, I am fine with rules being broken, but in excess it can be bad too.
  • Some rules are made by people who have to justify their paycheck, not solve any real problem but only to seem that way. I typically ignore those rules, repeatedly and regardless of threatened punishment. Some rulemakers are simply morons, hence their moronic notions about how other folks should behave, according to how badly they need their paycheck to keep coming in. Good rules are easy to spot - they make sense. A seven-mile-per-hour speed limit on a rural road, for instance, was made by a moron. Maybe he had something for a farmer's daughter (or son, maybe, if Missouri), and wanted to impress her with his job on the county planning commission, but he's a moron. Waiting at stoplights placed at crossroads in the middle of nowhere should have a bypass, not a failure-to-observe penalty, but morons are everywhere.
  • I'm more by the book about things, especially if there is a reason for the rule. Too often people find things not a big deal to follow and leave it for others to handle which pisses me off. If the rule is to throw away your own trash in the break room at work, then don't leave crap on the table to someone else to have to deal with. Little things when put off on others eventually become big things like someone getting their ass kicked in the parking lot.
  • Rules are good, for the most part. You just got to remember that when going " by the book", that " book" was written by someone who was not in the exact situation that you may be in, and that a little latitude can go a long way towards solving alot of problems.
  • I play by most of the rules, most of the time. But some rules are made to be broken. Some rules are just wrong...especially when take away civil and human rights!
  • I am so flexible about certain rules it's not even funny. If there was a book, I wouldn't abide by it's rules ;-)
  • I'm flexible about rules that don't involve safety. But there are some rules that are in place for our own safety as well as that of others and I don't believe those rules should be bent.
  • In general I'm more comfortable following the rules, taking my turn, progressing calmly and peacefully. But I wouldn't say I'm a strictly-by the-book person..I think one has to use reason and judgment and take responsibility for whatever action one takes..rigidity in anything (thought especially) can be counter-productive at times.
  • I like the order that rules bring. I like that rules give you a guideline when you don't know what to do. Rules tend to give structure to the way we drive, the way we play games, the way we do our jobs and the way we love. And I like to break them often. I think we need to break rules (unless someone could get hurt) so that we can think "outside of the box" and come up with creative solutions to problems. I also like to cheat at board games... That's breaking the rules isn't it?
  • I am a little of both i think. At work i am a stricly a by the book kind of person. and other times it not always bad to break the rules once in awhile if it doesn't get me into too much trouble.
  • I am a little of both. I generally prefer to follow by the book though. I know for me, I am not perfect, so if I don't follow by the book,well, it does bother me a bit, but what can I say if I don't.
  • Mostly I follow rules and live by-the-book. I don't mind when they get broken but I do mind if they get broken by some while others are expected to follow them. Fairness matters to me.
  • As long as we all have to follow the same rules I can go along with just about anything. I'm flexible like that.
  • Generally, by the book. in my line of work, this is just about necessary. BUT, i make decisions based on experience and each individual case. No two cases are alike. So, i have a "flexible bend".
  • I'm a "by-the-book" person... unless we're talking about me; I'm pretty much a sneaky b******.
  • There's a book of rules we are supposed to be following? Crap. No wonder I am always in trouble.

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