• No.. i'm just not agreeing with this one :)
  • Me shy away from a smart woman? NEVER! Its actually its refreshing to meet a woman I could learn a lot from.
  • Disagree. I read a study on women's preferences in men, and they are just as shallow as men are about women. On average women prefer men with muscles more then men without muscles, tall men are preferred over short men, etc. For both genders, however, there is a distinction between characteristics they look for in a long-term companion vs a sex partner. Intelligence, and income, are more desirable in a long-term partner more than a short-term one.
  • No, i would have all the girls in the world:-) or maybe they're just attracted to me and go with the rich guy? Plus I find clever girls extremely attractive.
  • Apparently I only know smart men, because none of them ever seem to be intimidated by smart fact, they seem to be drawn to them. :)
  • At 5'2" I look up to all men...Anyway, maybe an insecure man would shy away from them...
  • I agree, studies do come to these conclusions - however this is just the general trend. I am a man who is attracted to intelligent women.
  • I do agree, because it happened to me once, this boy I like had a best friend and he broke up with me and his best friend asked him why he said I love her but she graduated and I didn't.
  • I don't know how true that would be for others. I personally like a woman who is either equal to or has more intelligence that I do. When I am talking to a lady who is with me, it is nice to get a real answer and not one of those; Oh I don't know type of answers.
  • True. Excellent. Leaves more the intelligent women (the only ones I am interested in) for me.
  • I am not so sure I agree with all of this. Is it a recent study or what use to be? I do find myself more drawn to intelligent men but I know of quite a few men who are more attracted to intelligent women. For example... Jimmy, he liked women with brains. ;)
  • I absolutely agree. I see it happen all the time.
  • Totally true. I am MUCH more attracted to a man who is intelligent than a man who is good looking. And when guys figure out I'm smart, they often lose interest.
  • I'm definitely more attracted to a guy if I know he's smart, but it's not the hugest factor for me. My high school boyfriend was almost failing out and I was graduating in the top of my class and in all honors courses. He always seemed so embarassed by it that we never brought it up.
  • Not sure what women want in a man (could be a think?) but I know what I like in a woman and it's not a nitwit. The more intelligent the better.
  • I know I enjoy the intelligence in my chosen. I guess we fit 'the profile' ... ...but I can still take him in some categories of Jeopardy! :)
  • I agree that this would be generally true.
  • Seems to be working well for me.
  • Works well for me.
  • I want a guy who is at least as intelligent as I am. I'm of above average intelligence and have intimidated more than one man with this fact. Example. I went out with a guy a few times (3 or 4) and we got along well. We had a lot in common, had a blast together, even had similar career goals. On one date we were discussing his nearly joining the marines. He mentioned his ASVAB score and I told him mine. His was 64 and mine was 77. Something in him changed at that point. He got distant, seemed way less interested.... That was our last date
  • Well, I dont know. I've heard a lot of men saying 'intelligence is sexy' and 'yeah because who would want to date a bimbo' and stuff like that... Women rarely seem to go for stupid men although that could be because they know exactly what they want... Or because their perviness and terrible pick up lines make the ladies run to the hills.
  • Give me a hottie with a brain, thanks!
  • I really prefer an intelligent woman, to me, smart women are sexy.
  • very true!

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