• Absolutely! My house has a habit of getting bigger when I'm cleaning it but getting smaller when I'm trying to find a place for something to go.
  • Everything. Lately it is anything. Work, grandchildren, funerals, illness, dogs, driving all over the state, lack of sleep...etc. So, I guess housework/maintenance is the least of it. I do dislike living in a tip, though. Frustrated, yes.
  • All the time... no matter what I do, there is always more left undone..
  • All the time. There just doesn't seem to be enough time in a week or hours n a day. When days are beautiful I gaze out the window at the view and before you know it I've already lost a few minutes. And we have so few nice dry sunny days to work outside, not enough because we aren't half ready for the winter and it's just around the corner:-(
  • NO life is meant to be lived outside enjoying the short time we have. Clutter hurts no one.

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