• If ford or GM bring out a new model car, there will be a number of versions of that model. One would be a station wagon. (Or ranch wagon) Station wagons have the same ground clearance as the sedan, they are normally two wheel drive, hold up to 6 passengers (five if the front seats are bucket seats) and is designed for highway use only. An SUV (sports utility vehicle) is purpose built vehicle designed from the ground up to be a vehicle half way between a station wagon and a true four-wheel drive. Though in saying that a lot can handle off road driving. An SUV is a four-wheel drive, it has better ground clearance (sits higher off the ground), it's a "tall" vehicle and can hold up to seven passengers. A SUV here in Australia (and I think in plenty of other countries around the world) is considered the new "soccer mum" car. We call them Toorak taxi's. (Toorak is a very wealthy suburb) Generally speaking, the SUV doesn't do a lot of "real" off road driving. I think if you put a Toyota Landcruiser or a Land Rover Defender next to an Cadillac Escalade or a Lincoln Aviator you would see that the Escalade has far more creature comforts than a Landcruiser. I trust that answers some of your questions.
  • probably not much

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