• I'm pretty sure the problem would be with Chewing.... make sure you chew each bite 22 times.
  • If someone had impacted food in their colon - it's probably a problem with their colon & digestive system - and not the food itself. Potato skins are totally healthy and safe to eat
  • Potato skins are fiber and are good roughage. If someone had clogged potato skin (fiber) in their colon, it's a sign of some other health difficulty.
  • What a load of rubbish. The skin's the best part.
  • I hope not, I've been eating Potatoe Skins from TGIFridays for many many years and I'm quite regular... no back ups here.
  • This could be a problem with any fibrous food if there was a problem with the colon, or some type of extreme eating. The skin of the baked potato has fiber and most of the nutrients are just under the skin so it is healthy. Beware of green skins or sprouts - those are toxic. The skin of the potato is rough so needs to be carefully scrubbed to remove pesticides.
  • Potato skins are wonderful for you. That is where so many of the minerals are in the potato, the part closest to the ground and most of the fiber is located in the skin which helps you digest and balance the sugars in the rest of the potato. You could say that it is healtier for you to eat the whole thing! And leaving the potato skins on while it's cooking helps keep the nutrients in the potato. Unless a potato is green, then it is fine for you to eat. They are poisonous when they are green.
  • Ack! I always eat the skin, it's the best part. And I had always heard it was good for you. most of the vitamins and minerals were in it.
  • I eat the skin all the time, I dont see a problem aslong as its washed first.
  • It is alway someone who Knew someone - sounds false
  • that sounds like a tall tale to me...someone was pulling your husband's leg! potato skins are full of nutrients and fiber...they are very good for you! I always eat the skins when I have a baked potato.
  • potato skins are considered "insoluble fiber" which means that they do not dissolve quickly in liquids, but when they reach the large intestines (colon), they create volume in the colon to produce stools, and aids the other fibers (soluble) to pass through your colon to produce a soft, large stool, and with a high fiber intake along with a balanced diet, this can occur. One would really have to know the other's eating habits to determine if healthy eating is a balanced part of their diet to begin with. The fact that potato peels were found in the colon, may have been newly digested and not finished their process due to the timing of surgery and the fasting period before, or simply could not perform its task due to a build up of harmful things consumed that backed up the colon over time making it malfunction and cause other health problems, because when the colon cannot function properly the whole body suffers and toxins circulate throughout the body, so potato skins are ok and very healthy (the thinner the skin the better also)provided you are eating foods that are good for the colon (high in fiber)to begin with, along with a balanced diet. Excuse the lengthy reply.
  • 8-8-2017 That's baloney. Potatoes are an important source of vitamin C in America because we eat so many, and most of the vitamin is just under the skin. Lots of people fry the skins in oil and eat them like popcorn.
  • I had a colonoscopy and the Dr said some foods can get stuck in the little folds of the colon and begin to rot there. Sesame seeds commonly get trapped and can catch other foods as they go by. The rotting can cause a rupture. Mine was reversable. Sesame seeds add nothing to flavor and are completely undigestable. They only provide a pointless texture. I avoid them.

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