• This may be one of those lost causes that we keep fighting to fix/make right. To think that what was started hundreds of years ago (could it be thousands?) in Greece is being demolished by the present-day holy grail of winning at all costs is very sad to me. It may be a lost cause..but it's worth continuing to fight for..I think it has to start with parents and how they view life..then the coaches, then the community. Winning by cheating is really losing..we all know that. So why do we do it? We're not kidding anyone! :(
  • I may be a little naive here but I don't think the amount of users is that high... I would probably say (depending on the sport) there is more marijuana use then steroids. I still watch the Olympics because I still enjoy the international flavor/interaction. There are still plenty of phenomenal athletes showcased, and some sports I don't normally get to see.
  • I do all the time I mean I prefer the athletes to be on them people can play harder for longer, and to the people that say its unfair etc if they were legal then everyone would be on them so the playing field would be level. About the Olympics I mean most of the sports they have are boring so thats why I hate seeing most of the Olympics not the roids (wtf is up with the power walking race? lol)

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