• Respect your girlfriend's judgement and mind your own business!
  • Nothing. You've been trying to convince her that he's a dirtbag for five years, but she obviously sees something better in him. If you haven't convinced her by now, I doubt you're going to. The best thing you can do, especially now that they're going to have a baby, is to be her friend and quit harping on how much you hate the guy. She's going to need your support if he's as big a jerk as you think he is. Good luck!!
  • They are having a child, and their relationship has enough history to see there is something of value in it for them. Support her, be happy for her. You don't have to like him, just be glad he's not your boyfriend, and don't badmouth him to her - that would hurt her, regardless of how true you think your statements are.
  • there is nothing you can do, im afraid you just cant go around saying who she cant be with, as when things do go wrong she will not come to you as you will say 'i told you so'. at the end of the day it is her life and her relationship. all you can do is voice your opinion (which i think you have obviosly done this over the last5years!) but now you have to take a back seat and let her get on with it, if things go wrong then be there for her by all means but you must respect her enough to live and learn by her own mistakes. you will be a better friend to her if you do this! if you persist on telling her to get rid of him then she will do the opposite and tell you to get lost. my friends bf is a complete idiot, but ive learnt that by telling her to get rid of him makes her push me out. id much rather be there for her when things go wrong then make her push me away and then for her relationship to breakdown and for her to feel alone. its her life im afriad all you can do is advise
  • When you bad mouth her boyfriend you're criticizing her judgement. Just be a good friend be there for her if and when it falls apart other than that you don't have to like him.

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