• Not many of my favorite T-shirt logos translate well unless you realize they belong on a shirt. It's not always easy to match stuff to answers, but a picture is worth a thousand words, savvy?
  • Where the heck are they Cap'n? or am I just being my normal dumb self. Yep I see I am. oh well whats new ? EDIT NO 2 I like them
  • I actually seriously might buy this t-shirt:
  • I love the shirts at Threadless - beautifully designed, unique stuff that you haven't already seen a million times. Of their "text" t-shirts these two are my favorite. But then I have an odd sense of humor.
  • I like them, keep up the good work! I have a few for ya although a very different subject matter...
  • I hate them. These shirts have been overdone. They are redundant. They objectify women all over again. They cheapen the sexual experience. Any dignified male would not wear clothing like this and neither would a self-respecting woman. To sum it all up I think they are just plain immature. I'll take my neg points now...
  • You amuse me, not your t-shirts...
  • Are you kidding me? They're the high light of the post. I get a kick out of each and every one of them. In fact I do beleive they're what started our friendship low those many months ago.

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