• As far as I can tell, now don't quote me on this, but I'm pretty sure that we need Oxygen.
  • We are carbon based life forms so my vote goes to carbon. Let's give a big round of applause for big C!!!
  • Carbon, Oxygen, Hydrogen, and Nitrogen are the four main ones. There are also others like Iron, Zinc, Calcium, Phosphorous, etc.
  • People always say "I can't live without U" So I'm assuming they are talking about Uranium here.
  • I'm guessing the correct answer is Iodine. Since we need lots of elements to survive, I think that this question must be thinking of one specific situation where an element is lacking and people are unhealthly because of it. Like: we need Fluorine in Fluoride to have healthy teeth, but without Fluoride only our teeth would be unhealthy. But with a lack of Iodine we have problems with the thyroid gland and people get sick. As a result, table/cooking salt nearly always has added Iodine - just in case.
  • oxygen? just a thought!
  • FE...Iron.
  • Lots of them. My personal favorite, just because it helps me understand how terribly small each human cell is, is cobalt. There is less cobalt in our bodies than any other needed element. There are millions of atoms of carbon, oxygen, hydrogen and nitrogen for EACH atom of cobalt in our cells... but the average cell contains 450,000 atoms of cobalt. We don't need arsenic at all, but even if you get your water from an Antarctic glacier and eat nothing but organic and locally grown plants, each cell in your body contains 15,000 atoms of poisonous arsenic.
  • Many of them Oxygen is quite important Zinc Carbon Nitrogen many more.
  • Ducks, witches and small rocks! There are many elements that we are composed of and are depleted and used by our bodies. Potassium is one, without carbon, we would not exsist, without oxygen and hydrogen we would not live for two reasons.
  • ME GOLD! Can't live without me gold!
  • I think there are at least 17 elements which are known to be necessary for life. Many of them have already been given in other answers.
  • Oxygen,hydrogen,iron,zinc,phosphorus,calcium,nitrogen, and many more

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