• In order to connect more USB devices than you have availible ports, you will need a USB hub. These are pretty innexpensive and can be purchased at any electronics store. Here are a few examples:
  • I would just like to add to the previous response - if you decide to purchase a USB hub to expand the number of available ports you can use, consider getting a 'powered hub' (one that plugs into AC power) if any of the USB devices you will be plugging into the hub use a lot of power. Mouse, keyboard and memory sticks are fine - I'm talking about peripherals like external hard drives and scanners (that don't plug into AC themselves) and things of that nature.
  • I would like to add an interesting fact...not that it should be tried, because it would slow the computer down like hell, but one USB port can hook up to 127 devices at you should be able to do with two! :)

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