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  • you bet it is ...its taught to them by their mothers and you think I am joking ....I'm not !
  • Normal for immature persons, or for someone who wants to "win" the arguement more than come to an understanding. You cannot communicate effectively by stirring up past crap along with the present. It is possible she has a valid reason. Are you usually the one who screws up? Both men and women use that tactic, and it is counter productive. Good Luck to you both, and be fair!
  • My mom does that to my dad all the time. haha
  • This is not a way to argue. Suggest to her that she stick to the point that you are discussing, not bring up past arguments or grudges. Try to speak to her at a time when you are not fighting. Then, have a practice arguement in which you both stick to the point. It's hard to do, but it makes for better solutions.
  • I only ever bring it up in a manner of "We've already had this fight, remember when we argued about this before?" But we don't really fight, we just kind sometimes need to sit and talk... and sometimes argue..
  • No it's not. I don't do that. The post is in the past. If she is bringing up past issues it's probably because those issues were never resolved to begin with. It sounds as though you and she are dealing with unforgiveness. This is a serious issue and should be dealt with. Maybe you and she could see a therapist to help get a better handle on this.
  • I'm assuming you are familiar with the term..."and another thing". Not sure why but it seems to be pretty standard. And for you gals out there, next time you find yourself in a dispute with your loved one, make a mental you find yourself saying "and another thing" or at least thinking about it. I'm not complaining. I'm used to it and expect it. Just take note...anything that follows " and another thing" goes in one ear and out the other. That would be the guy thing:)
  • dude it's there technike to phyc you out just ignore it...(probably not the best)

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