• In most states you do not need parental consent for an abortion. Especially at age 17. So you would be unlikely to win. Of course, your daughter needs a stern talking about being more open with her parents.
  • Take her to court,she paid for a MURDER of an inncoent child, that maybe she could care less about. But who you and your daughter would have loved.
  • All that can be done now is talk about it because what is done is done.
  • She didn't force your daughter to have an abortion. All she did was finance it. For all you know, the lady may have tried to convince your daughter to tell you. I can understand that your daughter's decision was a painful one for you, compounded possibly by hurt feelings that she did not confide in you. None of this is the boyfriend's mother's fault, however. The usual question with suing is, can you find an attorney willing to take such a case? In this case it will be very difficult to prove damages, unless your daughter was injured as a result of the abortion. An attorney won't take the case if they see little chance of recovering any money. You can check with the district attorney to see if there is a criminal case, something like contributing to the delinquency of a minor.
  • I don't think you would win the case. She only paid for the abortion. The person performing the abortion would be the one jeopardizing her life. I'd be more concerned about why your daughter didn't come to you first.
  • You just had a tragedy in your home and household. someone who you love has gone through a very difficult time. she didn't feel comfortable asking you for help and advice. Your reaction? Sue! Wake up, Mom and Dad! Go to your daughter with open arms, and love. Avoid the slightest criticism. Drop all thought of suing. Your hostility to these other parents is partly engendered by your guilty feelings that you weren't there for your child. Now is the time to love her, to help her. Not to sue someone. And watch out. Your daughter may still love her boyfriend. Go along with her. Be a loving mom, not a critical Miss Grimm.
  • Your main concern is why your daughter was afraid to come and talk to you about her situation - Hug your daughter and forget suing anyone
  • suing? wow so you want what? money? and that is going to help you make things better with your daughter in what way?
  • Frist is there any way you can proove she paid for it. Second, you should not be here asking if you should sue the person that HELPED your daughter. What you should really be asking yourself is why didn't my child confide in me during this difficult time. You should be more worried about gaing your daughters trust so in difficult situations like this she will be able to go to you without feeling ashamed or scared.
  • you can sue, you won't win, and your daughter may end up hating you.
  • No, how about you work on your relationship with your daughter? You sound like a greedy bitch intent on getting money over nothing. Work on helping your daughter, NOT on gaining cash out of what was probably a very hard experience for your daughter.
  • Many states allow a child to get an abortion without parental consent. In fact, there may be federal law on this issue as well, but I am not sure about that. If your state is such a jurisdiction, the boyfriend's mother did nothing wrong. If your state is not such a jurisdiction, you probably still don't have a cause of action against the mother. If the boyfriend's mother pretended to be your daughter's mother, then you probably do. But if all she did was give money, she did nothing wrong. Instead of being upset at the BF's mother, you should consider why it is that your daughter felt like she couldn't come to you.
  • First of all, let me say that I understand. The boyfriend's mother intruded into your family life and killed your grandchild. It wasn't your daughter's fault -- she was not an adult and could not understand the decisions her boyfriend's mother convinced her to make. I take it your object is revenge. If you are wealthier than your opponent, suing is a great revenge. Whether or not you will ever get a dime, you force your opponent to hire a lawyer and spend tremendous time, effort, and money. It's a nonviolent form of revenge, and may do something to make you feel you've done something to prevent this problem from ever happening again. If that's your motive, I suggest that you never tell anyone -- your opponent can sue for vexatious litigation. If you sue, it must be for actual damages, or for emotional damages. If the act cost you money, or harmed you, or harmed your minor child, you have a cause for suit. You should have your daughter checked by a doctor immediately; she may have suffered sterility as a result of the abortion procedure. That's what happened to my sister; she suffered a perforated uterus and wound up with a hysterectomy. If you feel human life is important, it's best not to even think about other forms of revenge. They are not worth it. An alternative is forgiveness. You don't have to forget. Your daughter has changed your relationship with her -- she has proven herself untrustworthy by murdering her child. You need to move past that. It will take time. Your daughter has made a mistake, but it is not the end of her life. She is alive, and will need your love.
  • I have no idea what advice to give cause i have never been in this situation...I would talk t a lawyer and see what they suggest your daughter might not be able to have kids again abortions ruin your system
  • Rather than sue, are there criminal charges you can press? Contributing to the delinquency of a minor, and endangering the welfare of a child come to mind.
  • Talk to a lawyer, and see what you can do. Personally, if that happened to my daughter, I would end up in jail because I would go all out on the boyfriend's mother.
  • Have you wondered why she didn't tell you herself? that seems to be the important bit right there. And do you think that you're really helping the situation by talking about sueing someone who was just essentially trying to help her?? I know you love your daughter very much and right now i think you need to be focusing on her and her emotional wellbeing right now. Can't be easy going through an abortion and being too scared to even tell your own parents.
  • I would think you would want to thank her rather than sue her... 17 is pretty young to be having a baby, which incidentally is also potentially dangerous to her health...
  • Stop lashing out at all and sundry and mend the relationship you obviously do not have with your daughter. How come she never trusted you enough to come and tell you? Ah, but that's why you're mad, isn't it. Learn who your child is before you lose her for ever
  • Truthfully is it worth putting your self through a lot of heart ache and probably lossing money by trying to press charges, against your daughters boy friends mother. I dont see the point in that you should talk to your daughter about this whats happened and why she could not come to you and tell you that she were preganat in the first place, obviously you cannot blame fully her boyfriends mother for this although she has paid for the abortion to take place. I seriouly think you should have a talk toi your daughter try and give her the support she needs right now, but truthfully i hold both your self and your daughters boy friend reaponsible for letting your CHILDREN have UNDERAGE SEX, they are kids also. FORGET about trying to gain money out of this and concentrate on being a decent parent to your daughter she needs your support right now. There is nothing jepordizing your daughters life. SUPPORT her more than anything i relise your probably feeling hurt and anger but trough time that will heal. Why try to gain cash out of somthing like this.
  • Drop the suit and accept her decision. The suit will benefit no one and will do more harm than good. Besides, parental consent shouldn't be required for these matters since this is a decision that she made on her own. It is for the best to honor that decision and move on with life.
  • yes that lady could of jepordized your daughters life you would think that your daughters boyfriends mother would of told you and your husband and about it before she went and done it to tell you the truth i dont beleave in abortion unless you were raped or along them lines.. have you stap your daughter down and asked her why she didnt tell you? thats what mothers and daughters do
  • Talk to the girl and, more importantly, learn to listen.
  • Sorry.I dont think you can legaly do anything or the Doc. wouldn't have jeopardized his license.I dont like to get personal ,but she should take the pill now.

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