• Sometimes... like if it was to decide between two movies or restaurants.
  • If a decision were important, and after weighing the possibilities, I narrowed it down to two possibilities that to my mind were almost exactly equal, I might end up using a coin flip to tilt the decision one way or another. But in order to use the coin flip, there would have to be two decisions, and they would have to be so close in desirability that I could not possibly decide between the two on their merits and demerits alone.
  • No .. never .. thats why i got my magic 8-ball for .. lol .
  • Something important that can only go one way or another? Never. I would weigh out the pros and cons and check the scales. Only if something is unimportant and won't affect others would I use a coin toss, like which road to take on an adventure.
  • Often. I flip the coin, and if I like the outcome, fine. If I second-guess the decision of the coin flip, I know I really wanted the other one, so I go with that. It's a foolproof plan.
  • no never I don't leave important decisions up to chance like that. I usually use the pros and cons list method which I feel is a little more rational than letting the filp of a coin decide for me.
  • to some degree, yes. a coin helped me make a very important decision about 4 years ago. i had been moving around... i couldn't decide which state i wanted to live in at one point. i couldn't decide which place sounded better, so i flipped a coin. when i found out what side it landed on & which state it represented, i realized that i really didn't want to live in the state that the coin picked. now, i am here and it is now. :)
  • No; I am responsible for my own mistakes... :-)
  • I flip a coin to start a player or sit a player in Fantasy football!!
  • When I played softball in college, a coin flip would determine whether I batted first or last. Interestingly, I have seen coin flips used in labor situations which determined who would get laid off and who would stay employed.
  • No, can't remember that I have made and important decision by fliping a coin.
  • No, I like to be decisive and make my own decisions. +3

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