• yes. In a very literal sense, some friends decided to burn some old computers. They smelled terrible! It was so pointless. My friend's computer caught fire once though, and it make neat sparks before doing so. And then it smelled terrible.
  • Yes. It fired at will and was Will ever mad...
  • Yes, cheap power supplies that have burnt up capacitors have resulted in flame and smoke on bench testing. I have had CD ROM drives also have bearings fail and smoke out but I can't say I saw fire.
  • LOL OKOK I'll tell you:) I was upgrading an old system with some new RAM, but a piece of carpet fuzz got in between the motherboard and SIMM (this was back when SIMMs were cool). As soon as I powered the system on the carpet fuzz caught on fire, and there was a flame a bit larger than your average cigarette lighter flame. I quickly turned the system off. The SIMM slot and the SIMM were both blackened and burned. I cleaned out the fuzz, put the memory back in, and turned it on, and it still worked! I tried to put that SIMM in another slot, it wouldn't work. I put another SIMM in that slot, it wouldn't work. That SIMM and that slot were forever married, but as long as I didn't mess with things, everything worked fine!
  • No thankfully;just one in the microwave!!!!!!LOL!!!!!!
  • NO---I never go to porn sites...:)
  • I had a melt down but no visable flames but my oh my a lot of smoke.
  • Once, at work. We bad just finished doing maintenance on our mainframe and were powering it back up. A motor in one of the tape drives caught fire; we noticed it just in time. The quip of the day in the computer room was, "Well, THAT unit sure failed the smoke test!"
  • no & i have been around computers a lot.
  • I didn't see flames but smoke came out of the back of it. Does that count as a fire?
  • I was setting here online the other night watching the traffic cams up in the city & seen a car on fire there at the stop lights. Dose that count? I mean there was flame on my screen.... But no so far I guess I've been lucky that this P.C. has not burned up. I sure though it would have, do to I am the one who put it all together not knowing what I was doing.......M.C.S.
  • No why? are they common?
  • Not fire just smoke when a glass of juice fell on top of the computer.
  • I don't type THAT fast.
  • twice, once at the university my neighbours dorm room caught on fire and melted his case and his router, i fixed the computer and got it running with the router and case so it looks pretty cool,. and in my first yr of college, i had to build a computer and get it running, this was a test , after we were done we just leave, well i guess my power supply was faulty cuz 10 min after i left , it blew up.
  • ... not exactly, but I did get a nice "ANSI bomb" way back in the old days ... modern monitors are immune to such things. __________ An ANSI bomb is a type of malware that sends an infinite brightness and infinite power signal to your monitor that results in a pop, a black screen, and a puff of smoke coming out of the now destroyed monitor.
  • my friend's laptop set on fire on his lap apparently :S
  • Oh yeah. I’m guessing it was about 22 years ago; my father’s Apple II-something (e? GS? I don’t remember) exploded. We never saw any flames, but the smoke was pretty significant. (IIRC, the ’puter was replaced under warranty.)
  • Not yet, and I hope it doesn't happen because mine's homemade and I don't have any money for a new one.
  • Hello. Hope you are fine. No Thank you.
  • When the hard drive in my first PC died, there was smoke but no fire.

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