• Well, some people are raised by parents who hate blacks, Jews, or others, and so absorb these beliefs and attitudes. Hate and anger give an emotional charge, which is all some people have if they weren't raised in a loving environment, so they like to hate and rant on people who are "them". Also, such groups probably tend to attract people who want to feel powerful, or superior, or even just as belonging to a cause which casts itself as noble, when in reality it's just a power issue.
  • The root of all feelings this like is a fear of anything that is strange and different and which is turning up from bias and prejudices up to real hostility against strangers and foreigners. The Nazi idealogy give those people security because they feel on the better and right side while the other, the strangers and foreigners are on the wrong side. Feeling to be on the right and of course victorious side gives to these people a feeling of extreme supremacy to others and strangers, foreigners or people from other countries are inferior, less worth with less rights. We still have these biased basic feelings in some countries of Europe and even politics takes immense profit of these bias ad hostilities. Nazi idealogy which is rather the same than chauvinism gives to the homeless and simple minded people a real secure virtual home. They feel to belong to a superior nation or ideology and so they feel to be superior to others. This was the pattern of Hitler's Nazi ideology and you see up today the perfect copies in some modern countries daily. If they overestimate their own country or nation or if they overestimate an ideology, it is rather the same. Chauvinism, extreme nationalism and Nazi ideology are twins.
  • you are sadly mistaken...everyone is not told these things are wrong their whole lives...they are groomed, condition, brainwashed...and they know it's not ok which is why many hide under hoods and sheets.
  • Living in Germany I could make two extremely interesting experiences: Talking with some old people who were little kids when Nazi time came up, I often hear that they still think that the Nazi time was in general a good time. They were little children and made their first experiences in their life only with the brainwash of the Nazis. And even after 64 years, knowing anything what happened with the Nazi regime and even after having a better life of 64 years in a free and democratic country, which was much better as they ever could expect in a Nazi regime, they still repeat full of the depths of their hearts what they were told as little children. Of course they see where this regime led but they still are justifying those things withe their individual personal point of view. There are still some old people who still believe that the jews started the war and not Hitler because Hitler was nothing but a peaceful man and many still believe in a world-wide jewish conspiracy as the were told by the Nazis. You can tell them facts as much as you want, they won't change their mind. The very same example we have now after 20 years of reunification. A wide part of the eastern population who grew up in the communist system, still believe that the communist system was much better and that we from the western part are still the imperialist aggressors with the biggest capitalistic aggressors (the USA) behind us. Although they get higher pensions as people in west Germany, altough they have real good money, new streets, new houses, although theycan travel everywhere in the world, there is a big part over there in the east who believes that the communist system was much better and they only made a few little mistakes. That thousands of people were killed when they wanted leave the country or that thousands were thrown into prison just for having a different opinion, the donot want to see. It is completely useless and a real waste of time talking to them. The western part is very often pissed off by paying so much money for them and being accused that we came over there like an occupation army. It is impossible to convince these people that our western system is not bad and even if you tell them that most of them over there live much more better than eve before they would tell you that theirsystem was better and failed just by the German-American capitalists who overtook their better country like imperialists. I think it will take a whole generation if these things will end. Talking to these people you have the feeling as if we would speak completely different languages although we do speak the same language. I often have the feeling as if I would try to explain things to a Chinese without being able to speak chinese. So, I almost run a way like many west-Germans when I only hear the accent iof east-Germans or I reduce my conversations on harmful and unimportant topics. You can not discuss with them. I think bias are founded extremely deep in the mind of children in the first few years and both examples show that bias are very hard to get changed. Young people who make different experiences are mostly less unbiased and much more open-minded.But the opinion of elder people you won't change. I therefore think it is the schools which shold start with an open-minded education. Old people hardly will change their minds.
  • By the way we still have in Germany a very intense discussion in society, in the schools and in the medias about this topic, showing how that system was working and what they did. For me this is extremely important because to keep this unique crime alive seems to be the best remedy to avoid any kind of gloryfication. Young people should be aware what happened and young people should know all the details of cruelty and this seems to me the best way to make clear what Nazism means and therefore I think we have only very tiny and very small minority of young people who are attracted by Nazi ideology. And the really very little minority of young Nazis I think are only Nazis as a kind of protest being the losing underdogs in a society. Right wing parties in Germany with 2 or 3 % at maximum are an extreme minority you always have in democratic societies. It is a matter of information and educatuion and if young people tend to these ideas, I think it is rather mere helpless protest against a society than personal and political convictions.
  • 12-29-2016 A demonstration:
  • Many people would rather blame others than do the work and make the sacrifices necessary to improve their lives. So the way they come to see it is that if certain people, or groups of people, were not around their lives would be improved and they would have what they imagine to be rightfully theirs.

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