• That's not somthing that can be answered in 1000 characters. Browse or a technical bookstore for books on the language you want to use (C++ is your category). The Wrox books (mostly red covers with pictures of the authors on the covers) are usually very helpful for beginners. Then of course you have to have Visual Studio and a high-powered PC.
  • You can start by writing a simple and basic program. Here's a quick example. #include <iostream.h> int main() { cout<<"My First C++ Program!"<<endl; return 0; } As the output it will read this... My First C++ Program! Remember to save your files as .cpp at the end of your title document. This is just a simple basic program. Of course, it can get complicated at times.
  • you can write programs in visual, visual, visual and visual c++ with Visual Studio. the first steps are generally common for all languages: (i'm assuming that your visual studio version is at least 2003) 1- File -> New Project 2- Choose the language and the program type(ie.console application, windows application, library) 3- give a name to your project 4- set project options in wizard 5- tada! visual studio just prepared a basic skeletal application for you 6-try to locate Form1_OnLoad or int main() expressions and begin writing your own code below 7- Debug -> Start without debugging(or Ctrl + F5) to run your program

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