• I'd love to be a rock star, but I have no talent... I work for the federal government.
  • I'd love to be working outdoors, a guide of some sort or a rock climbing instructor or ski instructor etc. At the moment I'm studying to be a teacher, but I still enjoy my outdoor activities :)
  • I would prefer to be an assassin. Right now I'm a Wal-Mart whore.
  • I love acting and teaching and do both anytime I can. I also merchandise, do design work...landscaping, interiors, resumes, business negotiations. I train dogs and horses from time to time, both on line and LIVE. I write, or have...franchise manuals, occasionally articles..freelance and recently (past 5 years) 1 "finished book" (currently with a proofer) and the second in the series..working on it now...going bonkers...haven't hit "my flow" with it yet, so it's actual work right now..lmao...and part way on a third one, a children's story. Prefer to do is a loaded question for me...
  • I don't have an exact answer, but I envy people who work outdoors. I work in computer operations, there are no windows to the outside world, which is very depressing to me.
  • i would prefer to be an adventureer(vague, I know). I am currently a student and a waiter.

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