• Oh goodness no! If my son does half the things I did growing up I will be in for a very long next 17 years! (he's only one)
  • No and I am glad my daughter is nothing like I was and am.
  • nope but unfortunately for my poor son he is the spittin image of his dad no need for a dna test in my case lol
  • Oh hell no! I didnt even like myself growing up and it isnt suprising that nobody else liked me either. I was horrible! I fought my parents tooth and nail over everything and did whatever I wanted. I had horrible grades in school and started smoking, having sex, drinking and smoking pot by the age of 13 and then got into harder drugs before I was 15. I quit going to school, ran away often, was violent and suicidal. (I had shitty parents that were physically, mentally and emotionally abusive and I was quite messed up in the head) I make a conscience effort every day to make sure that my son has a different life than I did and so far (he is now 13) he is nothing like I was. I consider myself very lucky.
  • No, I would want a son/daughter that was different from me. A little like me would be alright, but not exactly like me.
  • I've seen it happen countless times that if you were bad or even extra 'spunky' as a kid, you WILL get payback in the form of your very own devil child:-) This has happened so often to people I know, usually it's the mom that gets the payback LOL!!! One friend had the perfect first child, a lovely precocious little girl, quiet, thoughtful, helpful, just an angel. She thought it was her wonderful parenting skills. Then she had a second girl.....LOL!!!!! They say payback is hell, and that is what she got:-)
  • no but mothers curse you with this so why fight it
  • No, I make some decisions that could get me killed sometimes...Not much anymore though!
  • No, I wouldn't. I think that the world needs ONE of every single complex personality. No more, no less since people already say other people act like them or that they know a friend of a friend and etc, etc. I personally don't act at all like my mother, but I see similarities. I wouldn't want my son to start acting lik me at all.
  • no and thank god i didn't have a daughter i would have to worrie about her being a teenage momma. I hope my son isn't like his father either, i want him to grow up and be a man, and also go to school and not be a drug addict. He is proving to me he is smart and loves school and sports, i hope he stays that way.
  • No way. I did so many stupid things I'm lucky to be alive today!

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