• It makes me very nervous.
  • If police wears them it is acceptable, public should hide them under their shirt where other individuals cant see it (when revering to members of the public carrying fire arms a refer to the ones doing it legally and in position of a fire arm licence or permit) fire arms should be handled with respect and not used to be showed of like a hot chick on your side.
  • Very scary...didn't get fries with his meal...Bang! Tailgating ..Bang ! Cut me off...Bang ! I would be scared all the time.
  • There would be less crime.
  • Concealed carry is very appealing. You can keep that carjacker from...jacking your car. However, there's a good chance that some young jock is gonna go Rambo whenever he sees a crime and kill someone.
  • WRONG! Louisiana allows all citizens in good standing to obtain a CCW permit. This allows them to carry a concealed weapon in public. Maybe you should actually fact check something before you go spouting off.
  • I feel a lot safer knowing that law-abiding citizens have guns and not just criminals. I am less likely to be a victim of crime because of it. Even if I'm not carrying a gun a criminal will think twice before attacking me, because there is the possiblity that I might be packing heat.
  • Concealed weapons should be allowed to be carried by properly licensed responsible people to protect the weak and irresponsible against attacks by criminally dangerous individuals.
  • I've seen guns-like-accessories. They typically looks like the buckles of belts. If they are real, I don't feel good as if something might happen at anytime.
  • Most of the time the bigger the gun on his side the smaller the P****. :)
  • Around here that's a norm. No big deal. I don't carry, personally, but nobody know that and may assume I do. So far there hasn't been no major mass shootings around here. Yes, there is crime involved with those who carry a gun, but they could have committed the same crime using a knife or bow and arrow.
  • I think it shouldn't happen. When people carry guns around, how safe do you really feel? Not very. Even the best of intentions can lead to disasters and problems.
  • I've yet to see an anti gun person willing to have a sign on their house stating he or she doesn't own a gun. But you will see signs advertising a security service.
  • It would cut down on violence.
  • I'm in favour of more restrictions on guns. I don't like guns. I certainly don't like them in pubic places.
  • ummm, properly licensed, responsible, trained individuals ought to be permitted to carry guns in public. they might be there to protect the rest of us who might become the victim of a crime. i think that research on gun ownership and safety is really flawed and i don't trust much of it in either direction. gangsters are gonna shoot if there is resistance to their crime, whether charlie comes smoking his 45 or cindy kicks the perp in the groin. i think that among those of us raised with a sense of fear, honor, respect, we are less likely to perpetrate a crime knowing that the gal standing next to me might kill me. there are some folks who are so dangerous, who are so committed to the gang lifestyle, that gun ownership by others makes no difference. gun ownership and carrying by responsible folks could, perhaps, lead to increased theft of those weapons by crooks. gun ownership by these responsible folks could lead to increased accidental shootings at home. all in all, i haven't a clue, but, it's something that ought to really be honestly assessed so that an appropriate policy, one way or the other, can be enacted. of course, my friend the lawyer, reminds me that there are also constitutional issues involved in taking away the right of the public to carry arms ... never minding the state regulation of a militia ...
  • If that's what you want to do, then go for it.
  • would you walk into a bank with the intention of robbery if you knew eveyone in the place had a gun ?
  • If a person is properly licensed to carry a pistol they should also be able to "open carry" that pistol should they so desire. In areas where people carry pistols the crime rate generally is reduced. I believe teachers in public schools should have teachers trained to carry and use a pistol. School bus drivers also need to carry a pistol. In Israel all teachers are issued an automatic rifle and required to carry it with them in class and outside of class as well on the campus. Will there be accidents involving firearms? Sure there will just as there are accidents with automobiles hopefully many fewer however.

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