• Older generations had religion legally beaten into them, nowadays you can't legally do that so hence.........we get the new status quo.
  • When older people where the younger people, their folks made sure they when to their place of worship. In general, times were different then, or at least they were perceived as such, and the experiences were also different. The "new" younger people have grown up in a different time and age, experienced different things and in some cases dont feel the need to be religious in the same way older people are.
  • Because older people are closer in age to biblical writing. ;-]
  • Fear of death and it was forced - most times, at least - upon the older generation more.
  • 1.) Religion is part of the traditions passed on by individual cultures. Younger people are more likely to be exposed to diverse cultures, thus not so tied to tradition. 2.) As we age, we get closer to death. As we get closer to death, death becomes more of a reality, and a fear. People embrace religions, and happy afterlife scenarios, to feel better about death. 3.) As time has gone on, religion has gotten sillier. It has gotten sillier mostly because strongly religious people are constantly fighting against science, knowledge, and education. 4.) Religion is spread from parents to children, and every once and a while, children abandon faith. As generations pass, you get fewer and fewer religious people.
  • I agree with Worzel. My siblings & I were basically forced to go to chruch against our wills. My parents were born in the early 1930s, so they never gave their parents problems about going to church, bisbehaving, etc. Those of us who are made to go to church usually don't attend when we are old enough that our parents can't "make us do it" anymore. I am not very religious, I do not go to church (not even on Easter or Christmas), & I don't talk about God or Jesus to my 3 y/o daughter. It's not that I don't pray or have a crucifix in my house, because I do. I just will not be a hippocrite that goes to church on the 2 mandatory days, or attend a church where the parishioners are playing bingo or some other gambling game, the priests are drinking beer & smoking cigarettes, or where the Pastor of the church back in 1985 was driving a brand new BMW. I can worship God in my own way. I will not force my kids to go if I can't be true to my religion by Baptism...Cathloic.
  • My comment to Magenta must have been too long because it would not post. So here it is. As we get older and closer to death, we often come to a realization that we dont want to just pass away into nothingness as science and non-Christians say we will. Its quite foolish to think that there is no intelligence behind the creation of the world, galaxies, and unverses. As we get older, we start to realize the foolishness of our youth and accecpt that there is indeed a God. relegion has inded gottn silly. I will agree with that. But a relatioship with God is the same today, yesterday, and forever. I will agree with the fighting against science part. There must be an explanation as to how God and Scienctific theories work together. Yes, some children abondon faith. Others come to their faith. Weather those that truly believe are getting fewer or there are more, is impossible to say.
  • As for the original question, many young people, especially in the US, do not think, or want to think, about their death or consequences to their actions. They seem to have in their minds; I will cross that bridge when I come to it." When they start to actaully come to it, they come to the realization that God actually was real.
  • video games, mtv and jerry lewis
  • I think a good part of it has to do with the fact that having faith or a religion is now considered "uncool". Many young believers get made fun of by peers if they are into their beliefs and not participating in things they know are wrong. These days it's all about fitting in.
  • Someone once said that older people read the Bible more and more because they are cramming for their final exam.
  • There is a dividing line in the lifespan of a human being. the line is different for all people. some say its 50, because thats half a century. Most young people, including myself back then, were too busy sowing their wild oats, trying to educate themselves or really busy with a new family. religion was in their heart, but not in their schedule. Once you reach your dividing line, you start to realize that maybe its time to slow down and exam where you are and whats ahead in your life. then, the good or bad deeds of the past are suddenly hitting you in the face. This does not apply to all humans, but to many. Maybe, its just part of life.
  • I don't know for certain, but I can think of several reasons that make perfect sense to me. Young people believe they have more time left than they know what to do with, old people know their time is short. Young people are more likely to defy and rebel against those they see as authorative figures. Young people are less mature than old people and religion appeals more to maturity than immaturity. Young people don't feel as sure about things and question everything alot more. Older people have a better understanding of faith.
  • They have been led astray by Satan the deceiver and failed by their parents.
  • young people are too absorbed with their rockn' roll, there Tag body spray sex adds, there makeout parties, and the newly discovered thrills of masterbation (you know, self pleasure). old peoplem like me, whose minds have denegrated somewhate over time and diminished in cerebral capabilities, are prefectly primed for all the Bible has to offer. I'm going to go do some snake handeling while reciting Revolations now!!!!
  • because times are changing and not all of us buy into those fairy tail stories that our mom and dad taught us. we think for ourselves and research things. having the internet available to find the truth (looking in the right place of course) helps too.
  • Hopefully, young people are growing with some common sense, seeing the lack of evidence and the hypocrisy in religion
  • Older people are getting closer to dying and time to hedge their bets and get some religion just in case there really is a god.

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