• Not unless you are legitimately on the verge of a breakdown.
  • In my line of work(working with substance abuse/mental health)..yes, very much so. not only are we allowed to so, we are encouraged. day after day of this kind of work can wear on even the most qualified individual.
  • No if you cannot handle the stress you need a proper holiday or change of profession. If it is personal factors they are not going to go away in one day. Mental Health problems are not instant fixes that will be better tomorrow.
  • To me a "mental health day" is a day you take off for your peace of mind. It's more like a day off just to relax and enjoy yourself. I believe its alright to take a mental health day when business is slow. During a busy time, its not right that your co-workers will have to pick up for your day to relax.
  • Of course it is a legitimate reason! If you really feel you need a mental health day, regardless of how bad you are, chances are your performance won't be great at work anyway, and probably will be better the next day. Everyone experiences ebbs and flows in their moods and emotional state, and tomorrow you might feel enough anxiety, effect-from-stress, or depression to warrant taking the day off. The only thing that matters anyway is that you can justify what you do to your employer. You work to live, not live to work, and you always have to put your own needs above your work, up to the point where it might put your livelihood in jeopardy. I'm not advocating laziness, just having your priorities straight.
  • The way I look at it, it's MY leave. I EARNED it and if I think I need a break from the pressures of work to lay about the house and just "be", then who says I have to be throwing up and seeing a doctor to be sick? Sometimes if I didn't take a mental health day, I would be too sick (of work) to go work so how's that any different???
  • Yes, but how are you going to make them BELIEVE you when you call in and give them that reason?
  • It's a Saturday, and I am making today my mental health day. I have been on-the-go every weekend for a month.... trying to do for this one and that. I worked all week, and today I am going to do exactly what I want. Which for me today, means ABing until I bust (or everyone else gets sick of me!)
  • I think if you have the sick day available you can use it. I would say I was unable to come in because I had a migraine.
  • How about an 'anti-stress breakaway day'? I could use one of those personal days.
  • fuck yeah i need weeks
  • Absolutely. I worked at one place and called in "sick" one day. The next day, my boss must've known I wasn't "sick" because he flat out said to me "everyone needs a mental health day now and then". I just started laughing and didn't even try to deny it.
  • Absolutely if not abused... one needs a day to re-group and is smarter for taking it and being aware they need it.
  • most sick days I take are just that, mental health days. I am not sick physically I am just sick and tired of people and need a break from the grind.
  • I just retired a couple of months ago. So for me every day is a mental health day.
  • No, I'm never mentally healthy
  • I believe in them, but that doesn't mean I ever take them. :(
  • Absolutely. Believe in "slick days" too. A person is well advised to take advantage of these unscheduled days off. They work wonders in giving individuals a fresh perspective, allowing them time to reassess the necessity of kicking the living sh_t outta some as_hol_ at work.
  • Yes! What inspired an 8 hour - 5 day work week anyways? Hmmm....that looks like a good question for AB. Stay tuned.
  • Yes but i'd still lie about it and say I was "really" sick
  • Yes, I think so.. But your boss won't. And neither will your co-workers.
  • Oh hells to the yes... Most of my sick days are used for just that! In college we had "Reading Days" and "University days", they were around midterms and finals... all classes that day were canceled and they sometimes had special events planned to help us de-stress.

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