• No, first impressions are often wrong. We just never get a chance to make another first impression.
  • I have learned over the years , thats not always the case + 5
  • Usually, for me, they turn out to be what I expected. Be it good or bad...
  • I have been wrong so many times that I know longer trust my first impressions. So now I give it at least a week before I decide.
  • I am usually quite good at first impressions I pick up on peoples vibes very early. maybe it is body language or intuition but I am usually right.
  • Yes. A number of times I thought I was wrong, but later paid the price!
  • Not always. Sometimes I get a gut feeling about people that usually turns out to be correct. I think that's probably a basic instinct in humans from way back.
  • No, first impressions are usually not all they appear to be. Taking into account all that a person might be going through at any given moment, it is possible to meet someone at the wrong time, and they can appear to be rude, thoughtless and uncaring...maybe that person just had a huge argument with someone close to him, or had a terrible day at work and is having a hard time shaking it off. When you meet someone for the first time, they're likely to also be a bit nervous and feel a bit off when first encountering someone new. I usually give a person a few shots and see how they react over time...if you judge only on the first impression, you may miss out on something that could develop into a wonderful friendship.
  • I would say they were rarely ,if ever,for how could one know the true person at a glance.No wonder there is so much judgement in the world today.
  • Most times they are good but sometimes they trick me! and when they trick me they really trick me bad;)

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