• True. That's why we need insights or revelations.
  • I think that it's very true.
  • That is true and thats why people raise their children differently, act differently, and believe in different things. If we all had the same way of percieving things this world would be a very dull place.
  • Interesting question. It is worth considering the term relative. What may seem true to us, real to us, and perceived by us can all seem very real, but it is only relative. There is relative reality and absolute reality. Any truth or reality that is relative depends on the standpoint (ie the person viewing it) so yes there will be massive variations. But absolute Truth and Reality is the same for all. It is the timeless pure awareness that has no form, yet inhabits all forms. Absolute reality is a reality independant from our own personal standpoints.
  • I'm going to break this statement up into a few parts. 1) If all our perceptions are different then there is something that exists beyond our perception...If we are all-knowing (which we are not) then only nothing exists beyond our perception. 2) "our reality" comes from that perception, true. Our reality is again different from someone else's reality which is based on that person's perception of the world. 3) Then what be believe to be true does come from "our reality", which in turn comes from our perception (thoughts, values, beliefs) so that statement is true. 4) So if everything is based on our perception which is different to each individual, then yes our perceptions, realities and truths are different to EACH OTHER. (not sure if "each other" is supposed to be added on the question but I think it's the only way this works) So I really only disagree with the first part, everything else I would go with true. But if all statements are acting as one arguement I would have to say false. lol this is just my opinion but +1 for making it a thinker!
  • Okay for some reason I couldn't add on another comment to our battle there so here is my punch...for those of you who have no idea what's going on just read my previous answer :) Good comeback...but I'm still not convinced. Let's try a different example on other things we perceive in life. Perceptions are basically beliefs and ideas we have tried to solidify by adding more information to. People first perceived the Earth to be flat. But new information transformed these ideas and we now actually can see that we live on a round planet. Now in this example, individual perceptions lead to individual realities which existed to those individuals only. All along, the truth or "true reality" was that the earth is infact round, but people just didn't perceive it at the time. True reality should be something solid and unchangeable. There's alot we may think we understand, but in the end there is alot more to grasp and we could also be wrong in many aspects. I don't think this question is true or valid based on how its worded.
  • perception=reality=truths++ truths++=reality++=perception++ perception++=REALITY+++=TRUTHS 0 TRUTH0= PERCEPTION+++=REALITY0 REALITYO=TRUTHS++++= PERCEPTION++++ TRUE
  • There are many truths because there are many perceptions therefore there are many realities and therefore no one truth. True
  • hi i have been reading all of these comments after an experience on Peruvian Torch which has changed my perspective on lif forever. i have been looking into 4th dimensions and how we perceive reality. basically, i get that whatever reality we all want to perceive individually is our true reality. colletively as a planet we all now believe that we live in a 3D world and that it revolves around time. however, i was thinking, what if we didn't believe in time and we took away all clocks and that we all colectively believed that we could live forever. what if we all believed that we didnt need food or water. what would happen then? this world would still exist i guess but people wouldnt die so the planet would become over populated and then what...because i do believe that mind does defeat matter that is why positive thinkers live longer and fighters survive longer from an ilness etc. what do you think? is this possible?
  • sounds true
  • False. By your logic: car accidents "can't" happen, as those cars outside the driver's perception "don't exist". Neither are our "realities" vastly different: which is why car pileups happen. Also, there actually is no tangible thing called "reality". It's just the best construct modern language can come up with at the moment. It may actually be understanding itself which is wrong as per the holographic universe model. "Truth" is an entirely different thing.

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