• I don't have any right at the moment. I have had some over the years though, particulary some great professors while I was in University. I think what they taught me are things that I would not necessarily have learned in a classroom. For example, they were great sources of information on how to apply to graduate school, what I needed to do to prepare for graduate school, giving advice on how to get into a career, feedback on career choices, academic culture and politics.... I have had a couple of professional mentors that were good at filling you in on corporate culture, and other things that were job related, but not job position or job task specific.
  • I've had some really good musician friends that have worked with me , while learning playing my drums , singing and helped with getting up on stage and just letting it out . They really are and were proud of my desires and that I'm am so thankful for . My Grandfathers words stay deep within my heart and I learn more and more as I grow mentally from his words - Great Question + 5
  • none. maybe the surgeons from Mash and this one guy I know who took the road less traveled, both these things taught me...amongst madness, life goes on.
  • I have had many mentors but they were all "unofficial" mentors. For example, teachers or people I came to respect that I happened to know. Most of what I learned came in the form of observing how they treated others. I don't know if anything has rubbed off but hopefully it did.
  • I have not been lucky enough to have attracted a mentor when I was young. I've made all my many mistakes completely on my own. I wish I had had a mentor.
  • My dear husband taught me to read my Bible daily -- which I do--and to trust my Bible for all answers to life. Read your Bible!
  • When I was in high school there was a college guy name Mike who tok the time to teach me the rudiments of sex.
  • My mother and father taught me all there is to know about manners. The rules have made it possible for me to slip through society without effort.
  • tomsims ~ i truly believe that all the people i meet on my journey through life become a mentor of sorts. Some in small ways, others in big ways and still more .. some in unnoticeable ways :)
  • My Jr. high history teacher taught me the value of the people that are truly good in this world. He was a go-to person during my parents divorce and donated his time and wisdom to me at my darkest hours of adolescence. I will be forever grateful to him and can never show my gratitude.
  • Excellent! What a marvelous teacher.
  • i consider everyone i meet my teacher. in the divine plan ~ i believe every interaction has a significance, everyone has a story that is worth listening to, and i potentially have something to learn from everyone i encounter on my path. i just have to be open to receiving their message in an "awakened" state of mind, and then make an effort to have a positive interaction. i have had thousands of teachers. many of them ive never met ~ theyve shared ideas and their bared their souls in books, on the web, on television, in movies, or in a song. on a more personal level, my greatest mentors have been my parents, my grandparents, my school teachers, my music teachers, my superiors/trainers at places ive worked, various friends, and most inspirational of all, my very significant others. theyve touched me in all areas of my life and i thank them for helping shape the person i am today.

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