• This isn't the first time Hamas has used that tired old excuse for a fight. Hamas attacked the kibbutzim miles away from that mosque, starting their invasion. It was uninvolved until they decided to bring it up for propaganda reasons. That mosque had nothing to do with Hamas starting a war again. A couple years ago I booked marked a page from msn making that same claim. I tried to use it here but it seems to no longer exist. 10/13/23
  • Israel is going to level Gaza its too close to the border they have had enough of being attacked the recent attack has united the entire country they will level every Building in Gaza. A jew told me yesterday they have been copping it for the last 20 years without doing much in return . The people of Gaza have been told to leave. Im waiting to see more wog wars here this is how stupid the Aussie goverment is we have imported heaps of scumbag jippo's from both sides they are all ready haveing wog wars here now. I have no time for those that hide behind children. Every fight Ive ever had with a muslim has involved the towl head hiding behing women and children or king hitting people in the back of the head when they werent looking.

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