• OMG what is going on? How terrible for the republicans? I feel awful for them. This right? They might even lose. I am so sorry.
  • Last time this happened, I was intrigued. "Oooh, what's their clever plan?" But this time, well, I know there is no clever plan. This isn't some firefighting trick of controlled burns to cut off the blaze. Gaetz is just lighting fires everywhere in order to watch everything burn
  • I could care less. What he does most likely will never effect me. They are all crooks and in it for what they can get from it.
  • KM was an idiot to agree to the provision to remove a Speaker. It backfired on him.
  • This was so disgusting that 8 people could start this eviction.
  • I think its disgusting an insurrectionist believer Jim Jordon could well becom the next speaker of the US House.

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