• Well, ah, everybody's heard about the bird! The bird, the bird, the bird is the word. I said the bird bird bird, 'said the bird is the word.
    • Linda Joy
      I heard the Birds were angry! Do you think the worms finally figured out how to use machine guns?
    • bostjan64
      Wow! I never knew the worms were such a bird-en to our avian friends. I figured they would make the birds feel worm and fuzzy inside, rather than assoilt them!
  • A band. Life is a journey. A trip. Emotional progress. Physical exercise- The journey Forest Gump took was physically strengthening and emotionally cathartic? That may be a bit beyond your grade level. What does this teacher usually expect from you?
    • Linda Joy
      As for your question... You can edit your question by clicking the orange edit pencil icon then when you finish save it with the red save icon. When you copy in special characters the editor truncates your question at the point of the special character. Next time key it in, or cut and paste then remove special characters and key them back in. If you care enough to do so. Just providing info not telling you what to do.

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