• In general I think most people would like to be distracted from painful truth, especially when they feel hopeless to do anything about it. It all depends where you're intent on here lies. All you can do is ask questions that you want, but from experience not many pay attention to those, and then they get bumped by a bombardment of old questions. The intent is sincere in an attempt to keep the site content changing, to appeal to new members, but then content over quality can become predominant depending on what's being bumped, and current events can disappear. Come on down to where them tracks cross high street, you can watch the whole world go insane, see the lighters hit the rocks in the bushes, like the stars are coming down like rain, here she comes just a skin and bones skeleton, shes food for the crack cocaine, she got a baby living right outside the city, man, she don't even remember his name, well his name is Adolf Hitler, Albert Einstein, Jesse James. All hail, all hail, to the greatest sales, everything in sight's got to be sold, All hail, all hail, its to work or to jail, man they're closing them doors on the world. Laugh if you want to, really is kinda funny, '"cause the world is a car and you're the crash test dummy," herd's stampeding now, fences gone, television is always on - and it says, save the children, but drop the bomb, replace the word right now, with the word wrong, hey there's a big sale on Tuesday, get it 'fore its gone, get a picture with the four horsemen for a nominal sum, Now that they got everything they'd like to sell you some. Take this pill now and put it on your tongue, keeps you actin', just like everyone, keeps you from feeling good, bad, ugly, crazy, dumb, it ain't a drug god-dammit! I give it to my only son! well, noone's gonna get arrested, noone's having any fun, doctor's orders: you feel your heart beating go ahead and take you one! and now you're dumber than a singin saw, playing uncomfortably numb, its a thorazine work party with free fluoride bubble gum, man you wander like a zombie out into the midday sun!
  • Yes I would I don't care what is happening outside my country, I'm thinking more about what I will eat next 😋
    • 11stevo73
      see why modern times are no good. you shoud be picking vegtables from the garden while we kill a few chickens or a pig for dinner like our grand parents did

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