• First, Joe Biden doesn't need the money. He's 80 years old, President of the US and has a net worth of 9M. What is he going to buy; another limo, another mansion or trip to Europe? Second Elon Musk is a Republican and plans to vote for DiSantis and has publically said this. Twitter is a Republican organization. Third, Twitter was Trump's main source of information dissemination for MOST of his presidency and only stopped when Trump was tweeting instructions to the Proud Boys to storm the Capitol. Again, Twitter leans RIGHT not left The idea that it would be cooperating with Dems is ridiculous. Also, where are these files? Do you have a link?πŸ˜– Or did you make this up again?πŸ˜–πŸ˜–πŸ˜–πŸ˜–πŸ˜–
    • DancesWithWolves
      Thanks for telling it like it is :) :)
    • Army Veteran
      "Joe Biden doesn't need the money. He's 80 years old, President of the US and has a net worth of 9M." - that must be why he is referred to as "the Big Guy" in Hunter's Chinese and Ukraine business dealings. ΒΆ Elon Musk may be a Republican, but Twitter was NOT. Musk is exposing hidden files that came from Twitter - he isn't inventing anything. ΒΆ Twitter may have been Trump's main source for MOST of his presidency but had you watched the entire video, you would have learned that as the election drew nearer, many of his followers were being censored. ΒΆ Trump never instructed anyone to "storm the Capitol". He may have endorsed the Proud Boys during his campaign stops, but then Democrats endorsed Black Lives Matter and ANTIFA throughout their 2020 terror campaign attacking innocent people and causing millions of dollars in damage in major cities around the country - including federal property (which no one has been held accountable for). But there is no connection between Trump and the Proud Boys OR the Oath Keepers on January 6 other than when he told ALL of his followers to stay peaceful. ΒΆ BTW - who is Ray Epps? HE was the one who triggered the storming of the Capitol. He was wearing a red Trump hat and was a major "person of interest" - but suddenly dropped off the radar of the FBI's wanted list, never to be heard from again. Why would Ray Epps lose the interest of the FBI unless he was an FBI informant? There were over 800 people charged, most of whom were "nobodys". Then you have someone who is not only recognized but a major interest in the investigation - then suddenly is allowed to disappear. That kind of thing reeks of Democratic planning to me. ΒΆ "Files"? What "files"? You mean Twitter files? We all know that you're a denier (and have the intelligence level to support it), but even you should know that I don't have access to Twitter files. Somehow, I don't think so, though. Who knows what you believe in your fantasy world?
    • Hulk70166
      Fake News.

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