• I'd think you are weak as piss like the bloke I used to work for he was weak as piss he couldn't fight his way out of a paper bag top bloke thou. If you make it home in one piece who cares what anyone thinks. Thats not how the world is ,is it? When someone wants to attack you ,you don't get to refuse to fight eirther you run for your life, get the shit beaten out of you or you fight back. when fighting go hard or go home.. We all run for our lifes one time or another. Don't be thinking this fair one on one fight is going to happen or they wont kick you while your on the ground that will happen .. Would you stand there and watch your best mate get shit punched thru him or jump in? Ive seen some of the hardest men Ive ever meet running for there lives.
  • What is the reason for why I would want to fight you in the first place? It takes a lot to get me riled enough to really want to fight someone so I would think the lesser of you for what you had done before it even came to that.
  • If you're referring to a physical fight, there would be no instance to refuse what doesn't exist. I haven't fought anyone since I was 11 years old.
  • I always taught my Karate students to avoid a fight if at all possible. If you must fight, fight to the death.

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