• theres only so much you can do to help people. When people are given things ie furniture fridges beds for their children things they didn't pay for themselves they don't respect them. Then the items end up in the trash and they go and beg for more. If I had more money I have a list of love jobs Id get to work on. Firstly Ill rewire the local community pub. Im about a 1/4 of the way into it so far.
  • I actually do regularly donate to a local charity that provides food and clothing to the homeless. I used to work in an office that was right across the street from their facility.. They also operate one of the "Code Blue" shelters in the city. My other regular charities are St. Jude's and Shriner's Hospital for Children. I'm not rich but I believe in sharing what I can.
    • Shadow
      Well done and fair play to you
    • notyouraveragedummy
      Shall I give you a feature length saga on the homeless in that neighborhood. No, I can keep it short. Some of the homeless are the stereotype, useless hangabouts, but like other groups of people, some are very nice.and will help others if they can. I not only have seen it in that neighborhood where I worked but was once the recipient of that help.
    • notyouraveragedummy
      Also, I am the parent of daughter who was near death before she was a month old. It took the hospital staff almost a month to unlock the mystery and to set her on a path toward health. When we went to the financial office, the final bill was more than our annual income. Without batting an eye, the financial officer told us to go home that he world look for a charity that could help. He called us back to let us know that he had found someone who paid the whole thing! I was never allowed to know who that was.
    • Shadow
      I think you're right about the homeless being the stereotype. Is the daughter ok now? I guess certain people like the one who helped with the bill like to be anonymous.
    • notyouraveragedummy
      Currently she's the healthiest one in the family (she's now 56). However, the problems in her first months left her permanently mentally and neurologically damaged. She leads the life of a 6-8 year old and I still take care of her as such. Hopefully, I'm paying it forward by donating to those particular charities.
    • Shadow
      That’s good to hear she is healthy
  • I'd give to reputable charitable organizations. I wouldn't give to individual homeless people, who would be likely to misuse it.
  • I would donate to an organization that helps poor people. The charity would not a good rating on CN rates charities to see if they truly spend their money on their cause. How much goes into the charity and how well run it is.
  • I will buy a homeless person a meal any time.

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